Customer Engagement: What Separates Good From Great Advertising

The more information consumers have, the better and more informed actions they are able to take

The element of increasing customer engagement is what separates good advertising from great advertising.

One classic example of a successful advertising campaign was conducted in 1960 by French company Renault. Its goal was to sell year-end inventory to make room for the next year’s new models.

The campaign consisted of dealerships making tiny scratches on the cars, covering them with bandages, then running an ad that said, “If you can spot the scratch on any of our Renaults, we’ll give you $500 off.”

Customers, excited to participate in a fun, money-saving activity, responded in record numbers, and the entire inventory sold out on the first day of the sale. Another example of successful customer engagement is Coca-Cola’s famous campaign that used a famous song and invited the world to sing along.

The following are marketing techniques dealers can use to improve their customer engagement.

Questions and answers

Customer engagement requires two-way communication and active participation.

One of the best ways to begin a dialog with your customers is by asking questions on social media platforms. People love giving their opinions, and those opinions can help you tailor your business to meet their needs on a whole new level.

Posing open-ended questions relevant to your dealership and your customers’ lives is a good way to gather the information you need to build customer loyalty. For example, some companies ask a weekly trivia question about products or services to start conversations between customers.

Contests and prizes

Offering your customers a prize for participating on social media is an incredibly effective incentive for increasing engagement.

One company, for example, offered the grand prize of a fully equipped travel trailer. The method for entering the contest was by liking and sharing the company’s page on Facebook. Similar contests have been hosted on Instagram, with followers required to repost and tag a picture of the prize to be entered to win.

Contests are not just a great incentive, but can also save advertising dollars by giving your customers a way to spread the word about your products for you.

Case studies

Case studies are conducted by requesting feedback from a sample of your target demographic. One of the advantages of this method is that it gives your company direct contact with your consumer base.

Another advantage is that case studies are uniquely original, and spotlight the specific ways in which your product or service has benefited consumers who have used them. They allow other potential customers to access information about every step of the process, and help answer any questions they may have.

Marketing experts consider case studies among the most effective ways of increasing customer loyalty. The information gathered can prove invaluable in learning what your customers want most, and in using your resources more effectively to provide them with the best experience possible.


In the first five months of 2016, had more than half a million unique visitors from social media channels. Those visits resulted in dozens of reviews left by frustrated consumers who wanted their voices heard.

Reading consumer reviews before purchasing a product or service has become a regular part of shopping for many people. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to reviews, and to address any issues raised in them immediately.

Although nobody enjoys receiving a negative review, the reviews can provide valuable feedback. They also provide an opportunity to showcase your superior customer service by providing a prompt solution.

Demonstrating that your company is listening and working to achieve 100% customer satisfaction can transform an unhappy customer into a loyal one. People understand that everyone makes mistakes. It’s how companies deal with those mistakes that determines whether they increase or decrease their future opportunities.

Whatever method you use to increase customer engagement, the more you communicate with customers, rather than just to them, the more mutually beneficial your business relationships will be. In business, as in life, relationship-building is a prerequisite for making a mutual commitment to take action.

Whether they’re making a major purchase or looking for superior customer service, the more information consumers have, the better and more informed actions they are able to take. Your dealership can give them exactly that information by using effective customer engagement.

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    I agree. Also, merging print and digital marketing is a good way to go for almost every industry. Branded products with hashtags, company logo and messages can send offline prospective buyers into online customers.


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