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Digital marketing lets dealers see lots of metrics about how their different digital campaigns perform, but comparing campaigns and determining which ones are growing sales is still a challenge not to mention comparing them to traditional marketing. To help with this problem, has created their Unified Advertising Dashboard (UAD).

According to, the UAD brings each ad channel together with local market reach data and competitive analysis. This combined view of market intelligence and ad performance answers the most critical questions in digital:

  • Where to invest your digital budget
  • How social media fits into your ad mix
  • What you’re getting in return for every dollar invested
  • How you stack up against your competition

A new tool for dealers that lets them compare the digital advertising throughout all their channels in one place, we wanted to hear more, so we called up Dave Winslow, chief digital strategist for and asked him a few questions about the UAD and how dealers can get more from their digital advertising.

Universal Advertising Dashboard screenshot

One of the things we wanted to know was whether the UAD could help dealers choose the right channels for their digital marketing or if dealers have to determine their budget for each online campaign themselves.

Dave Winslow told us, “Some dealers want to get into that level of detail. What we’ve found for the most part, however, is a lot of that is automated through real-time bidding, which is machine learning. So, rather than the dealers saying here’s how much I want on these different exchanges, the technology we’ve deployed gives us the ability to do that automatically. So it’ll go out there and say, ‘I think I can get the best performance on Google at this price’ and then that’s where it’s going to place the ad. So, what we’re trying to do for dealers is say, ‘listen you’ve got a priority to move your dollars to digital because that’s where your consumers shopping habits are moving to. They’re still watching TV, but while they’re watching TV they’re on their iPad shopping around. You guys worry about your overall media mix between traditional and digital and then when it comes to digital we’re going to give you full transparency, but let us craft the media mix for you, so the majority, almost our entire advertising base allows us to move the media to optimize for performance and then we show them the results through the Unified Advertising Dashboard.”

Determining the most effective digital marketing is important in and of itself, but “we [also] give dealers all the results of their digital advertising on the dashboard so that they can easily compare them to their traditional [advertising] through whatever form they’re getting. Some of them might get just local on TV buys or let’s say it’s a bigger dealer group they might get a Nielsen or some more advanced report around their TV advertising and we just want to give them a quick way to compare. We’re telling them their estimated cost per vehicle sold, how many visits get to their website, and how many leads did they generate. Where with traditional, they might not have that level of metrics, so we can also show them how many impressions they served and how many people they reached and then again they can compare that back against their traditional. With our goal of course being, once they’re confident in the numbers and their media mix and that we’re giving them really good concise information through these dashboards they’re going to be more confident to pump more money into digital advertising, which is what they really need to be doing,” explained Dave Winslow.

The Unified Advertising Dashboard from is now available to dealerships accross the country. And the Unified Advertising Dashboard is completely integrated with’s Inventory, Website, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

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