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  The Car Buying Revolution is Here. Now What? – Learn the 2 most important dealership goals to keep up the the way consumers are buying cars now in this White Paper by Autobytel.

  The Mystery Lead Explained  – Learn how to work a mystery lead smarter to avoid frustration and ultimately help you win the sale in this White Paper by Autobytel.

  Turn Up The Volume On Process – Now is a great time for the auto industry to capitalize on technologies. Learn how to open up new sales opportunities and improve overall customer service in this White Paper by Autobytel!

  3 Bad Habits That Make Salespeople Seem “Pushy” – It’s a fine line between persuasively selling and being perceived as a pushy salesperson.

  Driving Sales – Create Consumer Experiences that Sell Cars with a Customer-Centric Dealership!

  Big Data Insights – Use this compilation of big data research to help you set more appointments and sell MORE cars!

  PCG Research Report – Research on assisting dealers with increasing sales by maximizing all their Internet sales leads.

   Leads and Consumer Buying Behavior – Get a stronger grasp on leads and consumer buying behavior in this 5 part video series by Autobytel.

  Leads Aren’t Dead. Think Engagements Instead. – Break through the digital clutter to get car buyers to engage with your brand and your dealership with help from this White Paper by Autobytel.

  Stop Wasting Clicks; Start Linking Right. – Learn how to get the most value from every click to your website in this White Paper by Autobytel.

  Digital Advertising Done Right – This White Paper by Autobytel covers digital automotive advertising best practices and how to implement them!

  3 Ways an Integrated Ad Agency Can Save You Money – Learn how an integrated ad agency can make your marketing dollars go further with a comprehensive marketing campaign.

  Online Lead Management Case Study – Learn how Boch Automotive Dealerships made a drastic improvement in conversions.

   Lessons from Dealing with Millions of Leads – This video from Conversica shares lessons on boosting your conversion rates.

  Sell a Car in 100 Seconds Using Video Check out this video from izmocars, and find out how effective video can be for increasing sales!

  Digital-Traditional Marketing Mix – Uncover how the right traditional-digital marketing combination will help you knockout your sales goals.

  Google Insights: Critical Auto Trends to Get Ahead of Competition – Gain competitive intelligence to convert record levels of in-market shopper demand into sales! 

Winning the Automotive Fight with Digital Marketing – Improve your digital marketing game and get Jim Ziegler’s secrets to increasing traffic in this webinar from Netsertive!

  Content Marketing Secrets REVEALED–  Content marketing done-right is seriously powerful. Learn the secrets of the pros in this e-book from Stream Companies! 

  13 Ways to Grow Your Email Newsletter List – This checklist shares 13 effective methods to acquire new subscribers to your email list.

  Why You Need a Website Audit – Learn about the benefits of a website audit, ensuring your online presence is as effective as can be!

  Website Checklist – Make sure your website has these important criteria covered, and get the most benefit from your online presence!

   10 Tips to Make Your Sales Emails 10x More Effective – These 10 tips outline the most effective way to focus your sales emails on your target audience.

  7 Most Common & Costly Pay Per Click Mistakes (eBook)  (eBook)–  Learn the best ways to save you time and money when it comes to your PPC campaigns in this cutting edge e-book from Stream Companies! 

  SEO Checklist – This SEO Checklist by Stream Companies was created to help you improve your dealership’s organic visibility, and crush your competition in the search engine rankings!

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   Customer Care: Your Most MASSIVE (Potential) Marketing Draw– If you haven’t yet considered that customer care can double as your most effective marketing campaign, this white paper has your name on it.
   10 Steps to Improve Customer Retention– Customer Retention is an invaluable component of every successful business- ESPECIALLY in the service industry.  This whitepaper is a must-read for service managers and personnel.

  Inbound Marketing 101: a MUST HAVE e-book–  Need to ramp up your website traffic, and improve the ratio of converting quality leads? Then you need inbound marketing, and this e-book from Stream Companies is meant for you!

  Key to Increased Car Sales: Text Calls-to-Action–  Learn easy steps to help you add text calls-to-action in your marketing and communications programs in this White Paper by Autobytel!

  Service with a Smile: Texting for Happy Customers–  Customer Service is an integral part of retaining and creating happy customers. Learn how text messaging can improve the current service process at your dealership in this White Paper by Autobytel!

  Automotive Social Media Advertising (webinar)  This webinar on Social Media Advertising reviews the latest in consuner research, uncovering how and where potential customers find the car they’re looking for!

 45 Facebook Tips & Tricks– Whether your a seasoned Facebook vet, or a newbie when it comes to marketing through social media, you’ll find a great source of ideas in this FREE guide.

  Social Media Checklist –  This Social Media Marketing Checklist by Stream Companies is the fastest route to improving your social media marketing results, maximizing your marketing efforts! 


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 Profits-Technology-Transparency – Learn how to close more retail deals, avoid costly appraisal guesswork, and avoid unnecessary inventory sourcing and disposition costs in this White Paper by The Appraisal Lane (TAL).

 How to Call a Car -This informative video primer from Jahon Jamali of The Appraisal Lane (TAL) covers the steps your dealership need to take to call a trade-in appraisal correctly.

 Goodbye Slim Margins – Slim profit margins take a considerable toll on a dealership, but they can be improved and increased! Learn how a dealer in New York turned his business around in this free White Paper by The Appraisal Lane.

 Need for Real Time ACV – The need for FAST and accurate trade-in appraisals is real. Learn how some dealers are using technology to get rapid, real-time appraisals backed with firm offers to purchase vehicles in this White Paper by The Appraisal Lane.

 Improving Call to Purchase Ratio – Eliminate the gap of customers going astray somewhere in the sales process. (COMING SOON)



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