DealerDNA Launches Synergie, Bringing Trim-Level Payment-Driven Inventory to Automotive

Somers, NYMarch 19, 2018 — DealerDNA, the only platform on the market that dynamically calculates the best possible vehicle payment, populates your website, and automatically updates your digital marketing assets, today announced the launch of their DealerDNA Synergie™ marketing engine.

DealerDNA Synergie plugs into a dealer’s existing website and changes the way consumers engage and interact to bring in top quality leads and increase month over month profits.

The ad engine offers dealers everything from high-performance inventory data mining, to a customizable specials engine with full control over lease and finance options, fully engineered ad campaigns dynamically linked to Google and Bing, and automated lead generators; like model specific landing pages and payment calculators.

The result is a full-scale lead generation solution that offers transparent transactions with higher quality leads and a better overall experience for the dealership and the buyer.

These platform features provide:

  • 65% increase in site traffic and page views
  • 30% average click-spend savings over competitors
  • An SEM management fee of 7%, the lowest in the industry

“For the first time dealers will be able to push trim-level pricing to consumers across their digital marketing assets and offer the lowest price on the vehicle in real time. Best part? It’s all automated, so it provides a “set it and forget it” mentality to best pricing marketing. It’s going to be a game-changer,” said DealerDNA CEO Steven Couture.

All text, banner and landing page ads are automatically updated across a dealership’s marketing assets without additional agency cost. With dynamic number insertion, phone numbers are changed on the website based on a specific ad or campaign. Performance reporting enables dealerships to analyze the productivity and lead generation activities of each campaign.

“Coming from the automotive side of the business myself, it was important to me to provide a customizable resource for those who want it, but also an automated solution for those dealers who don’t want to take further resources away from the business of selling,” said Doug Foss, CMO of DealerDNA. “With Synergie, you get the best of both worlds.”

DealerDNA Synergie is available now. To find out more or schedule a demonstration, please visit

About DealerDNA

DealerDNA wants to make automotive digital marketing relevant and easy to use again. From the soaring cost of delivered digital media, to missing ROI, to the overall effort being too expensive, time consuming, and broken, the Founders of DealerDNA set out to deliver something to the automotive space that was simple, easy to use, and most importantly, effective. The resulting product is the Synergie Platform, a proprietary marketing engine that plugs into a dealer’s existing website and changes the way consumers engage and interact. You can find out more at

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