Dealers United Makes the Leap into CRM with July Member Deal

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Due to their intuitive interface and one of the most satisfied customer bases in automotive, DealerSocket is chosen from a field of 60 suppliers for the CRM member deal.

Sarasota, FL – July 9, 2012 – Dealers United, the first service to truly leverage the buying power of individual dealerships, introduced their July deal to members today: customer relationship management (CRM) from leading industry provider DealerSocket. Based on the negotiated terms, members of Dealers United will save 55 percent off all setup and training, and 31 percent off the monthly charges if they jump on the deal between now and July 27, 2012.

Dealers United members will receive the discount on DealerSocket’s Sales Floor Tracking & Control, ILM, MobileCRM and Marketing Engine. The DealerSocket CRM package will give Dealers United members who choose to buy the service access to industry-leading CRM tools that already help thousands of dealers retain and attract customers every day.

“During the research stage we found that DealerSocket is constantly innovating, so a member who buys this service does not have to worry about losing ground when something new and bold hits the market. We have no doubt that DealerSocket will be ahead of the curve and incorporate additions seamlessly into their solution,” said Dealers United co-Founder Matt Buchanan, “In fact, the company is so interested in ensuring their system is actually used by dealers, that they incent their team based on use of the product. That’s groundbreaking.”

“We’re honored to be working with Dealers United members and feel that once they get access to our CRM solution, they’ll see why we’re the most popular provider in the space,” said Peter Ord, director of business development, DealerSocket. ”We’re ready to take Dealers United members to the next level in truly targeted marketing and customer lifecycle management.”

If you are an automotive dealer and would like to become a member of Dealers United, please visit:

If you are an exceptional automotive industry vendor and interested in being considered for a future members-only deal, please complete the vendor registration process here: Dealers United thoroughly vets all suppliers and categories well before negotiations with a provider for a given product or service.

About Dealers United:

Dealers United is the first service to truly leverage the buying power of individual dealerships. By acting as a dealer advocate, Dealers United vets vendors, negotiates great deals and levels the playing field against very large dealer groups. Our goal is to ensure that every dealer, regardless of its size, has an equal opportunity to grow and succeed in this industry. As individual dealerships are increasingly challenged to allocate expensive resources to select the right vendors, Dealers United aim is to build strong relationships, negotiate terms and pricing with vendors and stand united. For more information on Dealers United, please visit

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