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For this month’s dealer video marketing profile, I interviewed Joe Castle, CEO of Castle Automotive Group, which has three new car franchise locations in the greater Chicago market area. Below is a transcript of our conversation:

AJ– Will you give us a brief overview of your basic marketing strategy and philosophy?

JC- The marketing strategy at our stores is primarily geared toward digital. Our monthly ad budget is 90 percent digital, and 10 percent traditional. This model has allowed our dealerships to lower their ad budgets, while increasing their reach to in-market car shoppers.

AJ- What type of marketing efforts do you implement in the stores on a consistent, monthly basis?

JC– One hundred percent of the time our monthly ad budget consists of SEO/SEM, social media, reputation management, third-party leads, website, video SEO, AutoTrader, and

Joe Castle, CEO of Castle Automotive Group

AJ- Why do you think it is important for a dealership to have video SEO as part of an overall marketing strategy?

JC- Video SEO gives my dealerships the ability to dominate search, while also giving my customers high quality interactive video content to watch.

AJ- Can you explain what video SEO does for your dealerships?

JC- Since we began implementing video SEO as part of our digital strategy, I have seen an incredible jump in the volume of leads I receive. I must say, it has definitely widened the sales funnel.

AJ- How has a video SEO strategy impacted your websites’ visibility on search engines?

JC- It has nearly doubled our visibility.

AJ- How do you measure the effectiveness of your video SEO strategy?

JC- I measure it through my web analytics tool, and through the reporting provided by my video SEO provider.

AJ- Lastly, when did your dealerships begin implementing a video SEO strategy to the overall marketing plan and what has been the average increase to sales and market share since adding it?

JC- I have been using video SEO for about two years and since implementation, my stores have seen a 200 percent increase in sales, over time.

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