Develop a Strong Advertising Message to Squeeze More Out of Your Advertising Budget


“Who’s got the juice?”
That is a common cheer heard around our halls. It is the internal message we use to make sure that all of us are making the most out of our days, with enthusiasm! It got me thinking about getting the most out of advertising, and how the concept can be applied to creating a successful marketing and advertising strategy.
The past two years has forced us to do more, with less—to squeeze more out of our marketing programs and make them work harder for our businesses. To achieve this, and deliver juicy results, you need to start with a review of your marketing strategy. After all, your marketing strategy is a key ingredient to shape your brand identity, deliver your message, and make your business resonate with people.
To execute a successful strategy, consider these four points during the brainstorming phase of your review:
1.       What is the message I want to convey?
2.       What makes my advertising memorable?
3.       Are my messages consistent?
4.       Am I leading people through a sales cycle?
Messages come in all colors and flavors. They can be straightforward and spoken or subliminal through visual components. The message is what you want to stay in the consumer’s mind long after your campaign is over. To accomplish this, your advertising message must appeal to your audience and capture their attention and it should include the reason why someone would be interested in your product.
A strong advertising message will resonate best with a memorable catchphrase or slogan. Oftentimes, this is where you will want to include a keyword, your company name, or even your phone number—if it is memorable. The slogan is where you can stand out from your competition and distinguish your business. It is the piece that can easily be incorporated across different ad campaigns and media outlets; a good slogan works, in print, online, on TV, on the radio, and anywhere else you advertise to customers. And, making your catchphrase or slogan memorable lends longevity so you can use it for many years.
In other words, check your advertising campaigns. Do they have the juice? If not, breathe new life into them. Turn ordinary campaigns into lead-fortified campaigns and you’ll achieve your expected results.
Laura Noonan has 16 years of experience in the vanity 800 numbers and telecommunications industry. She coaches clients each year on using toll-free vanity 800 phone numbers as direct marketing tools to increase advertising response rates. Laura can be reached at or 1-800-NEW-SALES.




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