Does Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign Needs a Check Up?

Just as a car or a truck needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly, your pay-per-click campaigns needs to be checked, repaired, and evaluated on a fairly consistent basis. Here are a few ways you can maintain a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign once it is up and running.
Review your keywords
A good place to start analyzing your campaign is reviewing the keywords that trigger your ads. It is important to remember that when people search these words on Google, Bing and other search engines, they will be more likely to click your ad if the copy matches the keyword as closely as possible. To keep unwanted clicks from filling up your campaign, weed out generic and broad keywords, like “car” or “repair” and replace them with keywords that are more specific to your dealership. If you run a Mercedes dealership, use keywords like “Mercedes” instead of “car.” If your dealership has a significant pre-owned inventory that you want to advertise, use “cheap used cars” instead of the singular “car.” Making keywords more specific to your product will help bring more car shoppers to your website, and weed out the ones searching for “toy car” and “bicycle repair.”
If you have a significant amount of relevant keywords, but you still are not receiving the number of clicks you were hoping for, you might need to revamp some of your ad copy. A dull or uninformative ad is detrimental to a PPC campaign. The best way to succeed with your ads is to test different copy at the same time. A good strategy is to have two or three ads running for each group of keywords. That way, when someone searches for a keyword in that group, they will be shown one of those three ads. After a few weeks, you will be able to see which of the three ads brings the most traffic to your website. Then revise, delete, or pause the underperforming ads to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.
One of the best tools available for evaluating a PPC campaign’s performance is the report feature. With this tool, you can review information about keyword, ad group, campaign, and geographic performance, just to name a few. Some search engines let you review the search queries that brought people to your website, which is very helpful when adding to your negative keywords. One person could spend a day creating and comparing reports for different days, weeks, or months of campaign activity. Collecting reports of your campaign will give you a better understanding of the progress your keywords are making and what areas need extra attention or maintenance.
It’s important not to fall into the trap that many dealerships do when running a PPC campaign, where they “set it, then forget it.” Successful campaigns are consistently monitored, changed, checked, repaired, and evaluated. You will realize what your customers are searching for online when you review the data you collect.
Tom Knoop is director of search engine marketing for Stevenson Advertising. If you need help starting your own pay-per-click campaigns, feel free to contact him at 800-643-8584 or email



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