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So many factors influence today’s car buyer including price, mpg, functionality, technology, fashion trends, brand recognition…the list goes on. With over 30 different brands of vehicles to choose from representing hundreds of model choices, trim packages, and accessories, it is no wonder that car buyers spend roughly 11 hours online doing research before they ever step foot on your lot.


The average car buyer is choosing between at least three different brand/models during their in-market purchase buying process. With each automotive brand manufacturer fighting for their piece of the American car market, the need to use competitive tactics is becoming a mainstay in the arsenal of advertising.


Car buyers are spending a good amount of time, roughly three hours, during the 11 hours of online research phase looking at and comparing many makes and models of vehicles that meet their interest. Many brands are now employing traditional TV comparison videos to try to gain market share and awareness to their potential customer base. This is fast becoming an inefficient media outlet to gain exposure due the growing number of American homes using DVRs and other devices to more effectively schedule and watch their favorite shows without having to see traditional TV ads.


The internet is actually more influential than traditional TV advertising in leading a car buyer to your dealership by 10 to 1. How much of your advertising budget is allocated toward digital advertising? Consumers have been using search engines now for over a decade and are fast becoming efficient at finding what they want and fast. They are using more descriptive words in the search box to get right to what they want with 98 percent of car buyers not ever going past the first page search results. Keyword phrases of four or more words in a search query is actually growing at 20 percent a year, while searches of three keywords or less are shrinking at 10 percent a year. Ever try scanning through pages of search results on a mobile phone’s three inch screen? Not exactly fun for your eyes.


The Upstate NY Chevy Association is using Video SEO as a competitive tactic to target consumers looking at competing brands. Joel DeNooyner, owner of DeNooyner Chevy and president of the Upstate NY Chevy association, says “We are using Video SEO to target in-market car buyers looking for a Toyota product and try to steer them toward considering a Chevy product instead. Toyota and Chevy are very competitive in this part of the country for market share and using videos in the search results on page one of Google is a fast and effective way of delivering our message in the most engaging format possible—using sight, sound, and motion.” The screenshot with this article shows Chevy comparison videos taking up four spots on page one Google for the search phrase “Toyota Sequoia Albany”.


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