Don’t Hide Your Giant Inventory: Show It With a Drone

Let the public know there’s much more to your dealership than the inventory they can see from the front of your store

I remember hearing a story about a car dealer who hired an ad agency to help him make the public aware of his very large selection of vehicles.

Although the dealer had his dealership on a high-traffic road and had a huge selection of vehicles, no one knew because he could park only 20 vehicles on the main road in front of his store. The remainder of his 200 vehicles were on the giant lot behind the store.

The dealer talked about his giant inventory in his newspaper ads and TV and radio commercials, but he still had problems with the perception that he didn’t have many cars due to the limited space on the main road.

The ad agency looked at this problem, and hired a helicopter to shoot footage from above showing the front of the store and the acres of cars behind it.

That solved the problem, and sales shot up when the footage appeared in the dealer’s newspaper ads and TV commercials.

This was obviously before the internet, websites, and drones. Showing the size of your inventory is still a valid, effective advertising technique.

But instead of renting a helicopter shoot, you can hire a drone company to come and shoot the footage from above your dealership. You can even buy your own drone and have an employee learn to shoot with it.

The visuals you shoot are great for your newspaper and TV ads, and particularly for your website and any online advertising you do.

Most of the higher-quality drones shoot in high definition, and now even in 4K. The drone we use at my company, Stevenson Advertising, is a DJI Phantom 4 with a 4K camera and gimbal, which allows for steady, beautiful shots.

Don’t miss the opportunity to let the public know that there’s much more to your dealership than the inventory they can see from the front of your store.

Brett Stevenson


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