Don’t Over Swing—The Mechanics of Social Media

If you have ever taken a golf lesson then you've heard the expressions “the less you try to kill the ball, the further it will go” and my personal favorite…“Don’t over swing!” Wait, swinging less hard will make the ball go further? To someone learning the sport these concepts make absolutely no sense. Now, I’m no Tiger Woods Rory McIlroy but I do know this, the mechanics (not brute force) used to execute a golf swing will always determine its outcome—Social media is no different.


With so much volume in the social space it’s easy to stand over a Facebook page and swing for the fences. I mean, there’s 600+ million accounts why wouldn’t you throw your inventory up there and beat your incentives to death with 20 status updates a day? Maximum impressions, hammer, hammer, hammer…it’s a good thing right? Wrong.


Here’s a fun experiment when you’re done reading this article, open up your business’ Facebook page and ask yourself, would you want to be your friend? Nobody is accepting the insurance guy’s friend request if all he talks about on his page are policy promotions. Be interesting…or risk being blocked by your friends and fans.


Think of it like this: Facebook is a social platform and social media is just that—social. It’s not called “sell media.” Social platforms should be looked at as places to listen to the conversations that are being had about your dealership. These are platforms to talk to those customers who have questions and concerns as well as connect to customers, influencers, and potential conquest advocates for your business. At the heart of all this is personality and engagement. Ignore those instinctual urges to use social as a selling platform rather, use them for their true intent: To spotlight who you are and engage with quality content. 


Talk about what your role in the community is, your relationships with non-profits, your commitment to the environment, your charitable donations, etc. When you replace the sales teeth with relatable and quality content you add a human aspect to your business, more importantly you connect with existing and potential customers on a personal level. 


Effective mechanics in your approach to a social campaign stem from a well-defined business personality and content that reflects it. Think about what makes your business shine and showcase those qualities. Swing slow, play to your abilities (personality/engagement) and watch how quickly your social game will progress.


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