Expand Your Service Department’s Online Exposure

Generating new customers to keep the service bays filled is a never-ending task. Want a quick way to expand your service department’s online exposure to your local current and potential customers doing internet searches related to service and repair? Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can accomplish this very quickly.


Video SEO is the process of using videos infirst-page search listings to gain exposure for your dealership and to reduce your competition’s presence. Video SEO is accomplished by producing multiple unique videos about the products and services you sell, optimizing (properly keyword-tagging) each video to show up for first-page organic keyword search queries, distributing these videos to multiple relevant video sharing sites that index into the local search results on engines like Google, and managing these videos for placement and effectiveness of your desired video campaign results. This process needs to be repeated as often as you can, or at least every month, to ensure that consumers find consistent results when searching online for local service related information.


Video SEO engages consumers using the highest forms of communication online—sight, sound, and motion. In addition, Video SEO engages with consumers at their peak time of interest—when they are actively looking for your products and services.


When should you start the process of implementing Video SEO? ASAP! A study done by CISCO (2010) states that by 2013, 90 percent of all internet traffic consumed will be video, that nine out of ten internet users currently engage with online video, and that companies using online video see an average 20-40 percent lift in sales. Forrester Research (2010) found that videos in search results increase the likelihood of being found on thefirst-page of Google by 53 times, and that 44 percent of Google first-page search results feature video listings. The Polk Automotive Buyers Study (2011) found that most car buyers spend an average of 11 hours doing online research before they step foot on a car lot. To summarize these statistics is simple: automotive consumers spend a lot of time on the internet using it as a research tool and using Video SEO can effectively increase your store’s online exposure to potential customers at the moment they are actively searching.


One dealership using Video SEO is Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago. Chris Zammar, managing partner, says that “Using Video SEO has greatly improved our service department’s online exposure. Google Adwords shows that there are over one million local searches done each month by consumers in the greater Chicago area related to Infiniti service for over 200 different keyword search phrases. Video SEO allows us to target the first-page results for many of these keyword searches.” The screenshot shown is for the keyword search phrase “Infiniti Mechanic Chicago” which has six videos on the first-page Google search results for Berman’s Infiniti of Chicago. This effectively reduces the exposure of other competing dealers, franchised big box retail service chains, and local auto repair shops. Start using Video SEO today!


AJ LeBlanc, is the cofounder of Car-mercial.com and Carbuyersengine.com. For more information, email aleblanc@dealermak.com or visit www.car-mercial.com and www.carbuyersengine.com.





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