Finding the Big Bucks

This article is for dealerships that want to earn newfound, big bucks only. Research proves that when a client calls a dealership for a quote on an extended warranty, they are usually transferred from reception to the finance department. If they happen to get someone live which is rare, that person almost never takes notes or asks for the client’s contact information for follow up as they are too busy doing what they were trained to do—F&I.

In most cases, that call goes into voicemail. The client leaves their contact information and the fact that they are interested in possibly buying a vehicle service contract from a reliable dealership. In more than 83% of these situations, the client does not even receive a return call. What’s with that? Dealers spend lots of money on advertising, but are missing huge opportunities for increased revenue, not to mention a great client retention tool.

There are many ways to capitalize on this revenue stream. Just to mention one, you should have a trained expert assigned to handling all these inquiries and also consider some proven marketing techniques to bring this opportunity to a whole new level of success.

In all my years in this industry, I never figured out why dealers leave so much money on the table while they search for new revenue sources at the same time.

Dealers are welcomed to contact me at for additional assistance to drive this entire concept through the roof. Fasten your seat belts.

Jeffrey Amegod


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