Five Facebook Tips for Dealers to Drive Consumer Engagement

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Facebook pages and ads allow you to connect with your consumers on the social network they use most. Use these tips to help increase engagement and ultimately sell more cars.


“Likes” on Facebook can come from anywhere, but true engagement that leads to sales is about good content. Your dealership’s fans are unique. What are they interested in? Specials? New vehicle info? Information a consumer finds useful, such as tips for driving in harsh weather, can also garner interest, or even the occasional silly post. Ideally the content should be relevant or entertaining enough to encourage your fans to share with friends, getting your dealership’s name in front of more potential customers. Once you’ve chosen the best topics for your fans, vary your posts between subjects to keep the content fresh.


Finding the right balance in update frequency can be tricky. You need to have a consistent presence so that fans interact with your page rather than simply “like” it, but without over saturating them with content. Every other day, or two to four times a week, is best.


More important than the content you provide for fans, and how they respond to it, is how you continue to engage in the conversation when people post on your Timeline. Fans who comment on the pages they “like” want to hear back; they want to be engaged and know you are listening. Timeliness is also important, because a prompt response shows you care about your customers and their comments. Responding to happy and dissatisfied customers alike helps build trust and loyalty.


The first thing a new fan sees when they visit your page is the large banner image provided by Facebook’s Timeline. This allows you to showcase your dealership and inventory with a beautiful image right at the forefront of consumer engagement. You can also display specials, new promotions, new models, and reinforce your brand for customers. Images are also important with posts to grab attention the same way an image aids in bringing in traffic to a blog post. The same can be said for ad images. Most people aren’t coming to Facebook to view ads, so make sure yours stand out and inspire a call to action. Ads can be very effective when done correctly, especially when utilizing the last tip in this article, Facebook Custom Audiences.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences takes existing customers and prospects from your dealer’s databases and helps you match against Facebook users. This means that ad segmentation on Facebook, similar to a targeted email campaign, can now be focused on specific consumers in your database. If a new model has just arrived that you want to move, you can broadcast targeted ads to those people who have expressed interest in that model in order to reengage them with your dealership during that crucial decision making process. Deeper integrations can be delivered by using a marketing platform to manage this feature for you, tying your social efforts to other marketing endeavors, and creating a seamless brand presence for the consumer.

The resident social media guru at Outsell LLC (, Amanda Meuwissen, is also a website management expert, with a strong background in writing, editing, and newspaper and book publishing. Outsell is a digital marketing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that is transforming the way brands engage with consumers.

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