Five Tips for Creating Online Videos

Here are a few tips for those considering online video:
1.       Keep it short and sweet. Less is more online. Think of ‘video in bullet points’.
2.       Keep it professional. Research suggests an unprofessional look is a negative. To save money, you might consider training a team member to shoot the video with a decent pro-consumer camera, then upload the video to a production company for a professional looking edit.
3.       Keep it legal. Remember, most state laws and Federal rules require the same level of disclosure on your website or in an email as in traditional broadcasting. You can, however, put the disclosure in text, rather than on the video, as long as it is adjacent to the video being shown.
4.       Keep it fun. Remember, TV viewers are somewhat captive. Online viewers are there by choice. Keep your online video fun and interesting, keep viewers engaged longer.
5.       Keep it clean. Avoid vulgar language, nudity, and bad taste. Make it family friendly.
Jim Boldebook is founder of Creative Broadcast Concepts,, a full service retail advertising agency and production company working with some of America’s best dealerships for the past 27 years.


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