Five Ways to Sell More 2014

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Get ready for 2014! It’s on its way and now is the time to plan your marketing effort for next year. Here are a few ways to improve the effectiveness of your plan.

1. Consistency

Commit to making a marketing plan and stick to it. Jumping in and out of methods and media each month is one of the primary reasons that certain auto dealers are not successful.

2. Uniformity

Commit to a uniform message across all of your marketing. If you run a sale on television and don’t mention the sale on your website you have formula for failure.

3. Fast Follow Up

There are internet experts that say if you don’t respond to a lead in five minutes, don’t bother to respond at all. Although five minutes might be impossible, you get the point. One good way to embed this in your mind is to figure that every five minutes you don’t respond to a lead, it’s like saying to the customer, “Buy from someone else.”

4. Differentiate Your Dealership

When a person decides to buy a certain make vehicle, like a Honda, they have to decide where to buy the Honda. Which Honda dealership will they buy from? The factory wants individual dealers to run the same advertising. That’s because they don’t care which dealership gets the sale. But you do. Make your advertising different from all the other same-make dealers and sell more vehicles.

5. Learn

Visit the NADA Convention and other auto dealer events. This is where you will learn of new tools, new technology, and vendors who can help you sell more cars. Make a commitment to not fall behind. Sometimes, when sales are going well dealers tend to coast. Stop and sharpen your saw, it will make your work more efficient.

NADA is in New Orleans this year in January. Visit and to find out more.

Michael Bowen


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