Forget the Bells and Whistles: It’s All One Customer Experience

Both tech providers and dealers depend on the same recipe to deliver the ultimate customer experience

As a technology provider, our dealers drive every moment, every design, and every decision that we make.

Yet, we often consider what it means for a technology provider to be customer-obsessed and what it means for our dealers to be customer-obsessed as two separate entities.

When bottled down, however, both fronts depend on the same recipe to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

To successfully meet the needs of your customers, technology providers and dealers alike should stand by the following four pillars.

1. Engagement

Being highly engaged with your clients, be they consumers or dealers, is critical to the success of a dealership or technology provider.

In both cases, it comes down to looking at your business through the lens of your customer.

Employees must rally around one seamless vision, no matter the department, to bring the voice of the client to your regular workflow process. Your employees should also understand the customer’s pain points and challenges.

Dealers, for example, may be having a hard time keeping up with the evolving demands of the consumer and implementing a more digital-first car-buying experience.

On the other hand, consumers are fed up with the long purchase process, and expect a digitally enhanced customer experience.

2. Empathy

In addition to being engaged, your employees must also focus on being more empathetic toward the challenges your customers may be facing.

Technology providers, specifically, need to be understanding of a dealer’s complaints and take action to get to the root of the problem so that the dealership can thrive.

The truth is that if technology companies aren’t empowering dealers to be the very best at their jobs, it’s not a dealership issue, it’s the technology company’s fault.

Ultimately, the only way for you to win is for your customers to win, and become raving fans of your business.

This is how dealers need to think about their customers as well. The way you earn and retain business is by being a partner to your customers, and truly understanding what they might be going through during the car-buying process.

3. Empowerment

How you treat your employees internally can have a major impact on how well you perform externally.

Never underestimate the power of giving your employees the autonomy to make their own decisions. It all starts with hiring talented people you trust to make the right decisions for the customer and your business.

Enable them to reinvent the process, challenge the status quo, and surround themselves with the right technology tools.

With such low utilization of technology these days, it’s important that you pick the right technology solutions, and then wrap them with long-term support and ongoing training to maximize the tools.

If you pick the right partners tied to your technology solutions, you will get the most out of them.

Your employees must focus on this, however. If we take the time to learn more about the tools we use every day, we will find ways to be more efficient and drive higher performance.

4. Enablement

You can’t empower your staff members without equipping them with the right tools to do their jobs well.

Figure out the best way for your staff to communicate with their managers and then let them lead with authority.

Enable your team to use the tools needed to drive a client-centric experience, whether it’s tech providers partnering with dealers to ensure they are getting the most out of their technology, or dealers creating a more digitally enhanced car-buying experience for consumers.

Whether you’re a dealer or technology provider, being highly engaged with your clients and customers—and empathetic toward the challenges they face—empowers and enables your staff to make the right decisions to drive a more client- and customer-centric customer experience.

Candy Lucey is senior director of marketing for Dealertrack.

Candy Lucey


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