Full Appreciation of a Three-Course Meal

For many, a nice meal at a restaurant typically includes the ordering of an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert. One course pleasantly compliments the next, especially when the courses are based on recommendations from the chef. The ingredients, preparation, and cooking style all contribute to a complex marriage of tastes that make the overall combination extremely appetizing. If you’re a food enthusiast, you can especially appreciate how it all works together. Automotive CRM really is no different.


The first course, which we know as Internet Lead Management (ILM), should be light and packed with flavor. This part of the meal brings a small taste of what is to come. And when we are talking about lead management it has to be quick and easy, yet power packed. A powerful, but easy to use, solution must convert more leads to active prospects, enabling everyone in the dealership to effectively manage real business opportunity—fully engaging customers, positively setting the tone for the entire sale. Not a bad way to start the meal.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the entrée. This is the heart of the meal, and the heart of everything related to sales and marketing in the dealership. Building on everything the appetizer (ILM) has provided, with precision balance your CRM delivers important data on each opportunity. Customer preferences, essential integrations, business development, sales and service marketing, as well as tested sales processes, each enrich the experience for both dealer and customer alike. As most would judge a meal predominantly by the entrée, the CRM is critical to reaching maximum profitability and ultimate success in the dealership. You’ll know you’ve eaten well when you begin seeing your own competitive dominance in the marketplace.


Finally, no fine dining is complete without dessert. Whether it’s your choice of fine chocolate or selection of dessert wines, Managed Marketing Services pulls your entire investment together. It takes everything served up by the ILM and CRM and leverages it for all it’s worth. Smart and innovative media solutions target the right message at the right time to the right customers—all managed by renowned business consultants, all leading to quantifiable results. Like we’ve said, no meal is complete without dessert. If you’re passing on dessert, you’re forfeiting the best part of the meal.


One last thought as we feast on this metaphor: As you read, did you imagine yourself at the same table for the entire meal, or did you consider changing restaurants each time you finished a course. In fact, the thought of getting your appetizer at one, fine restaurant, your entrée at another, and dessert at yet another almost seems ridiculous. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in the CRM world. Rather than dealing with the headaches of data silos that result from multiple sales and marketing products, isn’t it time to enjoy one, exquisite, three-course meal? This critic happens to think so. Bon appétit!


Bryan Anderson is the founder and general manager of Autobase. For more information, call 888-396-5911 or visit www.autobase.net.




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