G&A Marketing Announces New Distribution of VehSmart Product

State-of-the-art telematic device offers dealers profit and customers safety


Cincinnati, OH -G&A Marketing, the industry’s leading provider of automotive marketing and staffed events, has partnered with VehSmart, developer of proprietary software and telematic technology, to offer dealerships a new way to manage their assets and create a recurring revenue stream. Known simply as VehSmart, this state-of-the-art device offers features more advanced than the most popular on-demand GPS/Satellite service. Plus its universal design allows for easy install on any make or model vehicle 1996 or newer.


Telematic technology, like that offered by OnStar, has become something nearly every car consumer is interested in. It was VehSmart’s goal to take this popular concept to the next level, creating a more flexible user interactive version that could be made available to every new or used car buyer at an affordable price.


Unlike other telematic devices, VehSmart offers an array of teen driver safety settings, GPS features and personalized customer alerts – like low battery notifications – to its users for less than any major competitor’s standard subscription fee.


Originally designed to save dealers time and frustration through wireless auditing, the VehSmart product quickly evolved into a powerful asset management and floor planning tool, as well as an instant profit center for dealers. As one of the only telematic based programs offering dealers the opportunity to make money at the point of sale, VehSmart’s positioning in the automotive marketplace has been strong. In response, G&A Marketing recently contracted with VehSmart to further distribute this unique product to dealerships, dealer groups and distributors.


As G&A Marketing President, Pat Gunning, commented, “Being first to market with new, value-added technology is as important to our clients as it is to us. We believe VehSmart is the future of telematic technology, and are excited to offer it to dealers looking for a strong quality edge.”


About G&A Marketing


G&A Marketing, Inc. is an automotive staffed event (AKA Automotive super sale), advertising, training and consulting company that is far from ordinary. By offering an ever growing array of customizable marketing products and services, G&A Marketing gives dealerships the power to increase market share, improve staff performance and grow their bottom line. For more information, please visit www.gamarketing.com, or contact G&A Marketing directly at 800.688.1370.


About VehSmart


VehSmart combines extensive automotive experience, unique programs, sophisticated products, proprietary firmware and full spectrum support to help automotive industry leaders better manage costs, better allocate resources, and better generate recurring revenue streams. To learn more about how dealers have benefited from VehSmart, please contact VehSmart at 949-679-2590, or visit them on the web at www.vehsmart.com.








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