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Some view social media as just a brand awareness tool, but recently social media has proven to become a powerful lead generation medium. It’s time for dealers to have a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes ROI-focused digital advertising via social media.

Social media has proven its ability to drive targeted in-market buyers to your showroom. This unique medium, if utilized properly, offers dealers the ability to target in-market consumers before they walk in the door and build rapport with them throughout the sales process and beyond. If you aren’t taking advantage of this low cost medium for lead generation, now is the time to get started.

So where should you start? Let’s take a look at one dealership’s journey into social media lead generation using Facebook ads and the specific results they achieved.

As Alaska’s largest Chrysler dealership, with over 11 acres of vehicles, Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram wanted a cost effective solution to help them generate more leads and increase their local market influence, which is fair to say is a goal of any dealership. Realizing that successful maximization of social media as a tool for lead generation was a full time responsibility, not just one of many that their internet manager could effectively juggle, the dealership worked with a social media partner with expertise in social media advertising.

Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram started with an in-depth consultative process, which included gathering information on how the dealership supported their local community and research around their customer demographics. Together they worked with their agency to create an incentivized Facebook advertising campaign to, not only achieve their goals of increasing likes on their page, but also gathering specific prospect information to increase their marketing database and drive more leads.

Custom ads were distributed via Anchorage’s newsfeed, right column, and mobile devices using advanced Polk intender data, profile interests, and geo targeting. The campaign was monitored daily to ensure that only the highest performing ad variations were displayed ensuring maximum results. This involved increasing impressions on ads that were achieving the desired outcomes and dialing back or altering others, based on tracking data—all on the fly.

The ads directed local Facebook users to a gated contest application which required users to “Like” their business page and submit their name and email address in order to enter the contest. As a result, the dealership captured in-market customer data which could be utilized for future marketing opportunities. The contest winner was then promoted on Facebook, increasing engagement through organic content shares and commenting related to contest and the dealership itself.

In just five weeks and a two thousand dollar media spend, they gained over 1,000 in-market likes, 150 leads and their page engagement increased by 211%. They can also attribute half a dozen sales and increased service appointments to the campaign.

Not only did Anchorage generate real leads by using a Facebook ads strategy, but they also saved staff countless hours of campaign development, creation, and monitoring by using an outside agency.

Social media can increasingly produce real leads! Whether done in-house or by an outside agency, it can produce a return on your investment.

Alexi Venneri is Cofounder and CEO of Digital Air Strike and has been in the automotive industry for over 15 years; she has worked on the dealer and vendor side and has partnered with multiple OEMs. Prior to cofounding DAS she was president of the Van Tuyl Automotive Group advertising agency and she was also CMO at DealerTrack and Who’s Calling.

Alexi Venneri


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