Getting the Customer Closer to Buying While Still on Your Site

The age-old process of buying a vehicle keeps changing because of the internet. Customers used to visit the lot, get a walk-around by the salesperson, test drive the car, negotiate the price, and then buy. The new process, on the other hand, involves time spent on the internet looking at different sites, shopping the pricing, reading about the vehicle, emailing the dealership, and eventually arriving at the lot to continue the process. has a new product designed to help dealers move the internet process along by allowing car shoppers to tour the vehicle (do a walk-around) while still on the dealer’s site. Now the car shopper can hear all about the car and see its features on a video vehicle walk-around that this company calls a “Vwalk.”
The benefit of having customers see a walk-around on video is that they come to the lot farther along in the buying process. If they already know about the cool features on the car, they come ready for a test ride and ready to buy. is offering complete sets of video vehicle walk-arounds at a very low price so more dealers can afford to quickly add them to their current website. The new company’s head guy, Mike Nealy, is a long-term automotive ad veteran that understands the selling points for vehicles. His company, is offering a complete set of video vehicle walk-arounds for a single manufacturer (like Hyundai) for just $699.
The company is building the sets of Vwalks even as we speak, and currently has Hyundai, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep ready to go. More manufacturers are being added every day. For more information, visit, call 866-520-9600, or email Mike Nealy at



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