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Sharing ideas, trends, pictures, literally anything in real time is the norm now. It was revolutionary when these things were done on your laptop or desktop computer, and now that power is available in the palm of your hand. But, of course, you already knew that!

Chances are you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of the multitude of mobile applications that are connecting you to your favorite subjects, stories, and personalities. Think about your dealership having the same reach that anyone with a Facebook or Twitter profile can have. As more social apps with specific purposes are developed, the ability to reach thousands of people every day is being made easier and more intentional. The problem is reaching those people effectively and communicating a message. Traditionally, mobile marketing brings up thoughts of email blasts, SMS messages, push notifications, and auto responders. These methods can be effective, but with an over stimulated audience receiving these messages they are usually blown off, or (like the majority of auto responders) are caught by spam filters and never reach the customer in the first place.

An over stimulated audience means that you may only have one chance to grab that person’s attention and get them to your site, or to offer them a deal. People typically spend between 30 seconds and two minutes on any one web page, forcing dealers to get everything in on the landing page. This why dealer web pages are often viewed as busy or cluttered.

If dealers want to create mobile apps, they need to first asses if there is really a demand for it. Going mobile is often the way to go, but as dealers turn to the mobile frontier they should remain wary of what you make mobile. Keeping mobile content simple and minimalist is essential. Mobile platforms are the perfect way to engage a new customer and get them interested in you. Don’t inundate potential customers with as many deals and exclusives that you can manage to fit into one ad. Figure out what your customer base is most attracted by and apply that knowledge to mobile app and advertisement creation and implementation.

Before you go spending money on creating a beautiful mobile app, determine whether or not you already have the means to drive mores sales. Maybe you just need a fresh way present your information. Strip down your website to streamline your content, or explore mobile adaptive design techniques. You may not need a whole app!

So before you evaluate a complete redesign or overhaul of you online presence…reevaluate your current online presence. “Lean content” is necessary for your dealership to go mobile.

Michael Anderton is the marketing coordinator at AVA.ai.

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