Good vs. Right

I face the important questions most every day:

Do I order a cola and French fries or a salad?

Do I fill up with the economy gas or spend a little more for the recommended grade?

Do I watch the game or play a game with my grandchild?

As a business leader, you know the challenge is not between a bad product and a good product or a bad hire and a good hire—no one that I know loses sleep over such apparently clear-cut decisions. What makes great business leaders is the ability to choose between shades, between good vs. right.

The right things are right, because they’re usually closer to specification, they’re finished and polished to a higher standard, and they’re proven and stable and can be counted on to deliver short and long-term value.

A case in point is the claim by technologies that use “Big Data” to promise additional sales opportunities for the dealership. I like the Big Data definition our CEO Brian Skutta shared with Dealer Marketing Magazine for its recent Big Data cover story.

“Broadly speaking,” he said, “I view ‘Big Data’ as simply the promise of technology and how it can positively reshape the way we do business. We can now connect variable operations and prospect data with fixed ops ownership and financial data to create compelling consumer engagement content.”

“Dealerships can use this information to market to specific consumers with the highest probability of taking action and avoid the inefficiencies of marketing to a broad audience or demographic. By marketing to a specific consumer, we now have the ability to create a compelling and personalized call to action,” Skutta said.

“The net result for dealers is the ability to create new sales and vehicle acquisition opportunities we would not have otherwise had in a world without ‘Big Data,” he concluded.

Good vs. right technology decisions often hinge on vendors’ ability to provide and support their products long-term, to furnish accessible user training, and to care for the customer long after the deal is signed. When evaluating good vs. right technologies, don’t neglect the softer assets that contribute greatly to the long-term results and satisfaction you look for it to deliver.

In other words, can the vendor demonstrate a proven ability to properly and promptly set up and then implement the right processes, support the right resource levels, and continuously provide the right customer care it promises?

It’s the important decision you face every day—discerning the right choice from the good choice. The right choice will make a big difference to everyone involved. Choose wisely.

Boyd Warner is co-chair of AutoAlert®, Inc. (, the most advanced data mining and lead generation solution available on the market today. Contact him at

Boyd Warner


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