Great New Software Product You Have to Have: Test Drive Generator

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How many more cars would your dealership sell, if you had a giant increase in test drives? The answer is many more. There’s a new company on the automotive scene that wants to help your dealership book a ton more test drives right from your dealership website. The company, Test Drive Generator, has created a software product that allows a car shopper on your site to book a test drive by date and time without any dealership intervention. This is particularly attractive to consumers, because they don’t have to worry about talking to the salesperson (believe it or not many car shoppers fear that). It also gives the consumer a sense of control, because they are picking the date and time and making their plans based on their own schedule, and receiving a confirmation email and reminders. Because you have empowered them, they tend to take ownership of the appointment, and the majority of them show up (80 to 90 percent).

As a dealer, you should consider test drives the most valuable piece in the sales process. Most internet leads are the beginning of a long process your salespeople have to go through just to eventually get the shopper onto your lot. With a test drive, you are skipping the long arduous process and starting with the test drive (which is near the end of the process).

When Dealer Marketing Magazine publisher, Brett Stevenson saw Test Drive Generator for the first time, he said, “It’s like being able to join a 26 mile marathon at the 25th mile. The process of selling a vehicle is substantially shortened if you get to start with the test drive.”

The owner of Test Drive Generator, Bryan Dawson, says their product ties in well with any DMS and CRM system, and requires little effort from the dealer. “We have found that the test drives we generate have a higher showing if the dealer lets the software do its job. All the dealer needs to do is have the vehicle ready to go when the customer arrives for their scheduled appointment time, begin the test drive, and close the deal,” says Dawson.

James Benjamin, sales manager at Harris Ford in Lynnwood, Washington has been using Test Drive Generator for a few months. “When we see a (Test Drive Generator) lead, we get really excited, because we know the closing ratio is much higher,” says Benjamin.

If you want to learn more about Test Drive Generator, you can visit, or call John Weberg at Test Drive Generator at 877-696-0415 or email



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