Gubagoo’s Fast-Growing Chat and ‘Total Engagement’ Solution for Dealer Websites Goes Mobile

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Dealerships can now track – and precisely target – the 40% of their site traffic that comes through smartphones and tablets; 1,100 dealers using Gubagoo report even higher chat-to-lead rates on mobile (74%) than on desktops.

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) April 15, 2014—Gubagoo announced today that its behavioral analytics-based chat and website engagement platform for dealer websites is now fully optimized for mobile. This means that, for the first time, dealerships can track and then relevantly target – through chat and personalized offers and inventory display – every single visitor that hits their website via a smartphone or tablet.

With an estimated 30-40% of dealer site traffic now coming through mobile devices(1), Gubagoo is the first solution to serve up the right chats, offers and inventory to on-the-go, mobile car shoppers. And it keeps them right on the dealership’s mobile site, unlike other solutions that force the consumer onto another page, breaking continuity. Gubagoo Mobile works on any native smartphone or tablet device, requires no app downloads, and is able to automatically detect the presence of a mobile browser which instantly sets the mobile engine in motion. And it is completely free to dealer clients.

Mobile Chat-to-Lead Rates Trump Desktop:

The 1,200 dealerships that tested Gubagoo Mobile over the past 5 months understand how the concept of “chatting on the phone” is being re-written: their mobile chat-to-lead conversion rates are even higher (74%) than for chats happening through the desktop (71%) – further proof that mobile car shoppers convert at even higher rates than their desktop equivalents.(2)

“The auto industry is just starting to talk about ‘responsive’ dealer website design for desktop. But at Gubagoo we’ve been putting a powerful analytics ‘brain’ – which tracks, scores, and then relevantly engages every site visitor – to work on dealership sites for over a year. And now all our unique analytics, chat and engagement tools are available on mobile,” said Brad Title, CEO of Gubagoo. “Very soon, mobile will overtake the desktop as the way most people access dealer sites. And if a dealer’s vendors don’t enable smarter chat and more relevant site communications on mobile, they’re throwing 30-40% of their traffic away.”

Mobile Car-Shopping Facts:

Industry research on how mobile is radically changing the way people shop for cars and dealers could fill a book.

  • The percentage of car shoppers turning to auto sites and apps on their smartphones grew 73% from 2012 to 2013: from 41% of car shoppers, to 71%.(3)
  • For all vehicle/dealer research done prior to visiting a dealer, 59% of car shoppers reported they used their smartphones, 48% their desktop, 19% their tablet – and 37% used multiple devices.(4)

How Gubagoo Works:

Gubagoo is the fastest growing chat and website engagement platform for dealerships because it uniquely uses complex behavioral analytics and “scoring” technologies to make once-anonymous dealer site traffic totally visible and individually target-able. And when offers and chats are relevant and not “spam-my,” far more convert into leads and sales. In addition to its one-of-a-kind mobile platform:

Gubagoo is the only dealer website/chat solution to…

  • Instantly tag every visitor every time they hit the site: tracking every page they visit, car they view, 24/7.
  • Decode all those clicks/URLs to build an ever-changing visitor profile with a dynamic “score.”
  • Use that score to precisely target visitors across every website channel: from the published offers they see – to how chat agents interrupt. A high score visitor who viewed numerous Toyota Camry’s gets calculated Camry offers (which increase in value until either a lead is harvested or the maximum offer value has been reached) and inventory views. No more carpet-bombing service department visitors with new vehicle incentives – everything is personal and targeted.
  • Uses predictive modeling to match dealer inventory to visitor behavior: putting the right cars, at the right price, in front of the right people.
  • Gives chat and (cloud-based) call center agents an online dashboard that is an information-packed window into each site visitors’ activity and profile – leading to efficient, high-converting conversations.

“When we ‘flipped the mobile switch’ on the Gubagoo platform, our dealer websites had such a surge in chats and calls, that we had to dramatically staff up our 3rd-party chat and call labs. That’s the power of mobile car-shopping in action,” said Title.

About Gubagoo

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and staffed by a team of veteran technologists and innovators in lead conversion, Gubagoo offers revolutionary behavioral engagement and scoring technologies for automotive websites. With a mission to provide a smarter, more cost-effective alternative to the old lead generation model, Gubagoo is the first dealership website solution that successfully makes anonymous traffic identifiable, and converts the 95% of dealer site traffic that traditionally defects. Incorporating smart predictive matching and the best chat technology available – and powered by its proprietary behavioral engagement and scoring engine, ‘B.E.A.S.T.’ – Gubagoo engages new and repeat dealer site visitors with unprecedented relevance. Over 1,200 dealerships, including some of the nation’s largest dealer groups, as well as OEM-certified programs, already have adopted Gubagoo-powered websites.

Gubagoo Media Relations:

Melanie Webber, mWEBB Communications, (424) 603-4340,

Crystal Hartwell, mWEBB Communications, (949) 929-4637,

(1) 40% of all website traffic comes through mobile (2/2014); Walker Sands (5/2013) research cites 31%. Edmunds reports 35% of its traffic came via mobile in 2013, vs. 5% in 2010(10/2013), while the Cardone consultancy reports 50% of dealership traffic coming via mobile at year-end 2013.

(2) For instance, a Nissan study found that mobile car shoppers are 30% more likely to submit a lead than their desktop equivalents. (6/2013)

(3) J.D. Power Automotive Mobile Site Study, 2013

(4) Placed, Inc. & study, 1/2014

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