How Automotive Dealerships Can Overcome The Most Common PPC Obstacles

Utilizing paid search is a great way to drive traffic to your dealership’s website and generate leads by inviting potential car buyers to reach out to you.

Yet many times, I see automotive dealership ads that aren’t making the absolute most of their PPC ads, potentially missing out on key opportunities to attract and convert prospective car buyers.

Here are some tips to avoiding the most common PPC hurdles automotive dealers face.

1.) Create a Keyword List that Converts

Think about how many times you search for a product name with no intention to buy versus the phrases you type when you’re looking for information about an intended future purchase.

When building your keyword library, the natural assumption might be to bid on vehicle make and model types of keywords, or the names of cars in your inventory.

These are the products you’d want to be found for, but doing only this results in a very broad keyword list. When this happens, your ads may generate a lot of views or impressions, but they may not necessarily be showing to the right audience, or to people who will be likely to click your ad and eventually convert to a lead or sale.

You’ll see higher click-through and more quality conversions with a tight keyword list consisting of specific search phrases relevant to your PPC goals.

2.) Experiment with Varied Ad Copy

Once you’ve isolated the terms that your potential customers are using to find vehicles you’re selling, the next goal is getting them to click.

One trap you may fall in to is using the same ads for all keywords. This is a big PPC no-no! A person searching for “dealerships in Springfield” has a different intention, or is at a different stage in the buying process, than someone searching “preowned vehicles for sale.”

Create varied ad copy that clearly conveys to the user that the ad they are about to click will be useful and relevant to their search query.

3.) Differentiate Your Dealership

Not only should you vary your ads, but you should incentivize your ads.

Dealerships tend to have very general ad copy, even when there’s a lot of competition for the keywords you’re bidding on. Write ad copy that will stand out from competitor ads appearing next to yours. Give searchers a reason to click by calling out monthly specials, lease offers or the fact your dealership has wide ranging selection of cars currently available in inventory.

4.) Driving them Home (but not really)

Lastly, once you’ve gotten the searcher to click with your creative and captivating copy, the ultimate PPC goal is to generate a conversion.

Do this by ensuring that once the user clicks, they land on the page on your website that is relevant to what they searched, where they can easily complete your call-to-action. Direct them to view your inventory, call the dealership or schedule a test drive. Basically, don’t send everyone to the home page!

To learn how to get even more out of your PPC dollars, download your copy of our complimentary eBook, How to Transform Your PPC Campaigns Today! This guide will cover the benefits of PPC advertising, the right questions to ask when selecting a PPC partner for your automotive business, and more.

All the best,

Christina Colón

Christina is a Paid Search Specialist at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.

Christina Colón


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