How Facebook Ads Help Land the Customers You Want

Why spend advertising dollars on marketing that's like a net when you can use a harpoon?

If you’re staring at disappointing sales numbers from the past couple of months, the first thing I’d ask you is where you’re advertising. Or I might be even more direct and ask how you’re targeting on Facebook.

At this point, the dealerships that are staying ahead of the market have figured out that relying on TV and radio commercials is a gamble. You might hit some of the right audience, but you’re spending valuable marketing budget on what is essentially a net.

In contrast, Facebook ads are like a harpoon.

Although it was once just the place to follow classmates or post pictures from a weekend at the lake, Facebook has transformed into the gatekeeper of content. People log on to share ideas, recommend products or companies, and learn what’s going on in the world far beyond their screens.

How does that help you? By advertising your vehicle detail pages, search results pages, service offers, and more on Facebook, you’re meeting potential leads where they’re actively looking to consume information.

Besides being the ideal online hub for finding people, this social network has a treasure trove of data available to help you refine your audience. Facebook ads lets you target by age, gender, location, interests, and more.

More importantly, Facebook pulls information from multiple consumer information sources. That includes vehicle registration data for American auto dealers. Cross-reference that with everything else Facebook knows about its users, and you’ll be able to utilize audiences with criteria as specific as “People in households that are likely to buy a Ford truck in the next 180 days.”

The automotive targeting options alone offer plenty of play: Specify new or used shoppers. Narrow by body style or make. Refine the audience by its current vehicle age, price, make, or style. Facebook also offers criteria for finding likely auto service or parts seekers.

Although broadcast advertising will, you hope, catch the attention of someone who needs a car, with Facebook, you could be putting your ad in front of current Subaru owners whose vehicles are six years old, who fall into a certain income bracket, and have friends who like your Facebook page. You can even retarget your inventory pages to people you know recently visited them.

When you combine that targeting control with the arsenal of ad types available and the ability to track what leads are doing on your website after they click, it’s easy to understand why more and more dealers are deciding to shift their broadcast budgets to digital advertising.

Getting started with Facebook advertising is easy, and it gives you the chance to advertise with clear data points. Instead of wasting time wondering if that last radio blast will actually get people in the door, you can measure how well an ad performed, how many clicks you’re getting, and how long leads are staying on your site.

Whether you’re already using Facebook but aren’t sure how to optimize results, or you’ve never tried a Facebook ad before, crafting a strong online marketing strategy can give your ROI the boost you need.

Start conquering the digital territory you’ve been missing, and find the qualified leads who actually want to know about your latest offers.

Matt Stoffel is a creative content strategist at 9 Clouds, where he is driven by opportunities to make marketing relevant and helpful to users. Following the inbound marketing methodology, 9 Clouds helps clients strengthen their digital presence and attract qualified visitors. To learn more about marketing your dealership on Facebook, visit to check out free resources that dig into finding the right audience, setting a budget, choosing the right ad type, and tracking your results. Contact Matt via email at

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