How Remarketing Can Help You Stay In Front Of Car Shoppers and Ahead Of the Competition

These days, a lot of car buyers are doing all their research and decision-making online. They find which car and where to buy it without even stepping foot outside in many cases. Online, most dealerships focus on improving their organic traffic and snagging potential buyers with paid advertisements on search engines like Google and Bing Search. However, it never hurts to hedge one’s bets and cast the net wide among a targeted audience. That’s where remarketing comes in.

Remarketing, or behavioral retargeting
is a form of online targeted advertising where ads are displayed to a potential buyer based on their previous interactions that did not result in a sale or conversion. Essentially, if you missed them the first time, remarketing is a form of advertising that keeps you in the periphery.

Advantages of Remarketing:

  • Follow buyers through the buying funnel
  • Brand awareness to potential buyers while only paying by the click
  • Top tier site presence at a fraction of the price of traditional online paid ads
  • Allows for relevance on mobile devices as well!

Considering most consumers spend 18-19 hours researching their next vehicle purchase, having a pervasive ad that continues to trumpet your presence and advantages as a local dealership has incredible value. Couple that with the fact that remarketing is vastly cheaper, cost per click, compared to traditional online advertising and you have a real winner with very little risk. So instead of letting the competition get in the way, you’ll be there to guide prospective car buyers to the front doors of your dealership.

So now we know what remarketing is and why it can be beneficial to your dealership. The next question is: how can I best attract customers with it? The following points will help you stay relevant with those finicky buyers.

  • Brief and specific messages: highlight the positive qualities of your dealership and the models you have. When it comes time to buy, make sure your dealership shines next to your competitors.
  • Capitalize on accolades: Make sure to include any vehicle accolades you have from independent sites or organizations. Buyers love cars that are first in their category!
  • Emphasize Pricing: reports that 82% of buyers would rather have a price guarantee on a specific new car versus having the option of personalized vehicle configuration. When a buyer is getting to the end of the decision making process, it will usually come down to price, so make sure you’re displaying your offers clearly!

Remarketing provides an additional opportunity to get your dealership out there for buyers to see at a fraction of the price associated with traditional online advertising. It’s a low risk venture that may reap great rewards for you.

What’s next? Landing pages! Whether you’re running a remarketing campaign or a PPC campaign, your landing pages are a prospect’s last stop before they choose to convert or bounce. To learn how to create high-effective landing pages that engage leads and drive conversions, download our free guide, 7 Little Known But Highly Effective Secrets To Creating Killer Landing Pages!

All the best,

Andrew Cabrelli

Andrew Cabrelli is a PPC Consultant at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.

Andrew Cabrelli


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