How the Auto Industry is Using Infographics

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The auto industry is filled with a multitude of vehicle types and research data. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for auto industry professionals to present all of this information in concise form to consumers. This is where infographics come in. The auto industry is becoming increasingly fond of utilizing infographics to condense important data into an easy-to-read form. It’s just one way the auto industry is using infographics, in addition to the reasons below.

Eye-Catching Product Comparisons

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle. You have to think of size, manufacturer, color and the number of seats… the list goes on and on. Using infographics is an eye-popping method that can compare these factors in a visual form. For example, infographics can display multiple vehicles next to each other to compare size. Detailed information like safety data and manufacturer info can also be shown above the scaled image.

This strategy is particularly useful for car manufacturers seeking to compare their vehicles, specifically if they wish to showcase new features and modifications from one vehicle type to the next. It is also useful for car dealerships that wish to showcase specific vehicles, as infographics can lead to widespread exposure on social media.

Widespread Exposure on Social Media

Infographics are significantly easier to share on social media than large blocks of text that make the same point. Infographics and social media actually target a similar audience: those who prefer visual-laden, easily digestible bites of information, as opposed to lengthy words and paragraphs. Much of the top content on the web is like this, so it’s no surprise that the auto industry is using infographics as a method to promote their brand or products via social media.

An auto dealership or manufacturer can use infographics to boost social media exposure of their company by creating infographics that make an interesting, buzz-worthy assertion, such as how one vehicle type may be safer than another. In a research-based declaration like that, infographics are the best method to showcase this on social media due to their format and visually friendly appeal.

Infographics Are Easy to Relate To

The auto industry often requires a personal plea in order to successfully reach out to consumers. An auto dealership or manufacturer must answer questions like “Why is this vehicle the right fit for me?” and “Is this vehicle worth the investment?” Infographics provide a fun way to answer these questions, like how this infographic from CJ Pony Parts illustrates how people can become very attached to their cars—and for good reason.

The CJ Pony Parts infographic tells us that you’ll spend about 600 hours in your car per year, on average. Data like that can answer “yes” to the commonly-asked question “is investing in a car worth it?” This type of information can result in leads becoming customers, a big win for the auto industry.

The auto industry uses infographics to condense large amounts of text into a more visually friendly format, to provide image centered product comparisons, increase social media exposure and provide answers to easily relatable questions. Clearly, utilizing infographics can increase sales for a variety of business types in the auto industry.

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