How to Increase Sales and Profitability Without Risking What You Already Have

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So, your traffic, sales and profitability are good. And after such a tumultuous few years, good is well…good. Good is better than nothing and better than before, right? So the very thought of doing something different and potentially getting back on that roller coaster of uncertainty is the last thing you want to do. We understand. We hear it from dealers and managers all the time.

These days, being comfortable and feeling safe is the desired place to be. But is it really so safe?

When safe is risky

The reality of safe decision making and being overly cautious in business is that it’s actually the riskiest decision you can make. If a business isn’t growing, it’s dying. You have to keep improving and moving things forward in order to avoid the crumbling bridge that lies behind you. If you don’t move fast enough you can be swallowed up. We’ve seen that happen to many dealerships over that past few years. They didn’t suffer an ill fate, because they took a risk, but because they tried to play it safe, and failed to adapt and grow with the changing tide.

So, if you are truly looking to avoid risk and keep yourself from losing what you currently have, then looking for and investing in smart growth strategies that improve business systems and processes (such as marketing, sales, productivity, and experience) is not only not risky but is actually necessary.

The most profitable dealers harness this reality. When other dealers grip the side of the mountain with white knuckles, take a breather or stick their head in the sand and play it safe (read stagnate), they forgo the opportunity to invest in their growth and innovate. Smart dealers avoid gimmicks that offer short term, one-time profit events, and invest in growth strategies that deliver a long-term benefit to the dealership, its employees and the community they serve.

Growth and change are the constants of success; without them you are constantly at risk. Safety in business does not come in the form of avoiding new ideas, but in embracing them. Playing it safe is the riskiest decision a dealer can make. Not only do you lose out on the opportunities you could have, but, eventually the safe path may begin to erode under your feet, and you stand to lose what you already have.

Always remember this: doing things the way everyone does things is a sure way to get what everyone gets. Approaching common problems from an uncommon perspective allows you to create solutions that most dealers will never experience.

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