How to Make Video Content Work for Your Dealership

Video content is not all about sales—it’s about sharing value with your site visitors and building relationships

Videos are no longer just a nice extra for your digital marketing strategy. They are essential for success. This article explains how you can make video content work for your dealership.

Let’s start with some statistics about how much people love videos:

  • 5 billion: The number of videos watched on YouTube daily
  • 5 hours, 31 minutes: The amount of time U.S. adults spend watching video every day
  • 300 hours: The amount of video time uploaded to YouTube every minute

The numbers are astronomical, but the key point probably doesn’t surprise you: Video has become a major factor in how we experience pretty much everything.

We record videos of our own lives, we use video chat, and we look for videos in online shopping to help inform our decisions. Videos grab our attention and bring things to life. All of this explains why video is probably the single most effective way to boost inbound your marketing.

Consider some more facts: Including videos in email increases click-through rate by 200% to 300%. Videos on landing pages can increase conversions by more than 80%. Also, video content has the best ROI of any type of content, according to 52% of marketers.

In short, if video marketing isn’t already a priority in your digital strategy, you should make it one as soon as possible. Here are four ways video marketing can benefit your dealership.


The consideration phase of shopping is when a potential customer thinks about whether or not to buy from you. If you engage your site visitors with a high-quality, high-value, two-minute video, that’s two minutes spent on your site considering your dealership.

The longer shoppers stay on your site, the more likely they are to do further research and become more invested in you. Use smart targeting to provide your website visitors with the video content that will help them engage with and consider your dealership.


You can use content and videos to promote understanding of and connection to your brand. Get your message out and build loyalty by using on-brand videos that promote your products.


Videos of cars will help you sell more of them. People want to see and understand the products they’re interested in buying.

Different angles and action shots help people feel more connected to and invested in your inventory. Target the right video offers to customers on your site and watch your sales increase.

Better digital experience

Buyers are doing more and more research while shopping online, so featuring informative videos allows customers to learn more before arriving at your dealership. This knowledge lets them shop in the way that they enjoy, and equips them for an even better in-store experience. With friendly, noninvasive video content, you will entice your site visitors to come in to your dealership.

Now that you’re sold on the importance of video for your dealership, here are some ideas for valuable video content you can create to engage your website visitors:

  • Fun how-to videos on topics such as how to keep your luxury vehicle in tip-top shape or how to check you car’s battery at home. Reach anyone who might turn to your dealership for help, not just people currently shopping for something new.
  • Staff introductions featuring videos of the people who work at your dealership. These will make your website more personal and help build trust with customers.
  • A 360-degree view of your inventory. Seeing the cars at your dealership will get visitors excited about vehicles they are interested in, and understand their features better.
  • Comparative videos between competing models. Walk shoppers through a full rundown of features to help them choose the vehicle that’s best for them.

Remember, video content is not all about sales—it’s about sharing value with your site visitors and building relationships. Ultimately, though, if your videos benefit the people interested in your dealership, the result will be happier customers and a boost in sales.

Devorah Wolf is the content marketing manager at AutoLeadStar, a lead-engagement platform for the automotive industry. With many years of experience in content writing and editing, she blogs about making the most of your online traffic, and making your online shoppers happy so you get more customers to your showroom. Devorah is always open to industry interviews and reports, so please reach out to collaborate at

Devorah Wolf

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