How to Use Car Wraps to Promote Dealerships and Vice Versa

Dealerships are always on the lookout for the best ways to reach customers before it’s too late. Usually, customers arrive at a dealership knowing full well what they want and the amount they’re willing to pay for it. If you can reach customers before they fully decide on a specific model or price tag, you will have an easier time convincing them to at least try out what you have to offer. So how can you do that with car wraps? Easy, just follow these steps.

Reach customers before the buying cycle

Car wraps are effective marketing platforms for small, medium, and large businesses alike. One wrap or vehicle can garner up to 70,000 views per day. So when cars with your wrap are stuck in traffic, you’ll have something to smile about because they’re being seen by prospective car buyers who may or not have heard about your dealership

So if you want to make sure that you reach potential customers before they make up their minds, go for car wrap advertising. Think about it this way: A car wrap ad can effectively boost brand/name recognition by up to 15%, and what better way to promote your dealership than through vehicles, right?

Long-term relationship

The good thing about dealerships that also want to be in the car wrap business is that they can use their position to promote car wrap companies of their choice. This is the reason why dealerships either have a tie-up car wrap company or also double as a car wrap company themselves. When dealerships sell cars that have perfect wraps installed, customers are more likely to return when they want to have new wrap installed.

Tie into social media

When you want to promote your car dealership using car wraps, you can also tie it into social media marketing. A car wrap that advertises a free car wash and also includes a hashtag or a Facebook page will likely raise more awareness than relying on word of mouth. If you have special promos or discounts, tie into social media marketing to get the greatest number of customers knocking on your door.

Use car wraps to increase leads

If you don’t want to tie your car wrap campaign into social media, you can simply include a website in the wrap design instead of a hashtag or social media account. If you have a promo or coupon on offer, you can include that in the wrap design and monitor the clicks to your website. This way, not only do you get more clicks, they’ll be relevant clicks.

Brand awareness

Dealerships that promote car wrap companies and vice versa may not see an immediate increase in revenue, but they’re basically increasing brand awareness. Perfectly wrapped vehicles project a strong message that vehicle owners and others appreciate, making it a sensible way to promote brand awareness.

Fred Agui is a digital marketing specialist from, located in Los Angeles. His 14 years of experience has been devoted to helping companies achieved their marketing goals.

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