How to Use the Hottest Social Network in Town (No, Not Facebook)

Do you Pin?


If you’re one of the 7.51 million users of Pinterest, the fastest growing social network, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Pinterest is a new and explosive image-sharing network. Users can “pin” images and photos onto virtual bulletin “boards.” Follow your friends on the site and you can view their boards, re-pin images you love, and search for new Pinterest friends by browsing by category, such as “Quotes” and “For the Home.”


So why should you care? Well, if the 7.51 million users don’t turn your head, then how about the fact that Pinterest accounts for 3.6 percent of referral traffic, just behind Twitter. Don’t forget to take into account that all images provide a direct link back to their source. With more traffic than Google+, Mashable called the site “the next social commerce game changer.”


Now that we see both the social and SEO importance of Pinterest, what are you doing about it?


Know your audience


About 58 percent of Pinterest users are women. The top business users include Nordstrom and HGTV, who boast upward of 6,000 to 8,000 followers. Knowing your audience is key in any marketing strategy, but especially for a social network.


You want your images to be re-pinned, not just look like spam. Post content that users want to engage with and don’t forget to interact with other users’ boards as well.


Promote a lifestyle


Look at the facts—the largest audience on Pinterest is primarily women, HGTV has one of the largest followings, and virtual bulletin board categories include “Weddings” and “DIY.”


Think about your brand and the lifestyle you promote. Create a separate board for each “product” that falls under that lifestyle and pin both your own images as well as others.


Pin wisely


Being an image-sharing site, that means most of the images or videos that are popular are artistic in nature. Stock photos from your vehicle inventory don’t work, but professional photos from the auto show will.


Instead of waiting for these images and videos to fall into your lap, get creative and pick up the camera yourself. Drive your hottest vehicle to a popular point in town and snap a shot of the sun setting behind the hood.




Like other social networking sites, you want to connect with both users and non-competitive businesses in your area. Every social network is a virtual cocktail party where numerous connections are key, but the focus is always quality, not quantity.


Pinterest has exploded onto the scene and there’s a good chance it is going to stay around for awhile. Use the network wisely but have fun in expanding your brand to another well-loved network. As Lisa Barone of OutSpoken Media said, “Pinterest is the opportunity to not only show consumers what you do but why you do it.”


Christine Rochelle is the vice president of operations for PCG Digital Marketing. For more information, visit or email





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