Utilize Name Search Value to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Increase the relevance and power of your brand name when used in a search engine

With the multitude of digital aspects to take into consideration when forming an online advertising plan, it’s easy to forget the role that branding basics play. Retargeting, dare-to-compare, and search engine optimization (SEO) are all important components of a robust online marketing campaign, but the importance of strong brand recognition cannot be stressed enough.

Name search value (NSV) is essentially the relevance and power that your brand name has when used in a search engine, as well as the likelihood that someone would choose to search for your brand. When potential buyers search for your dealership name directly—as opposed to coming across your website through online research—their conversion rate is more than 90% higher. If you think about it, that metric isn’t entirely surprising; when shoppers are specifically searching for your dealership, it means that they’re bypassing other competitors entirely.

Once you have people reaching out to you directly, they’re in a position where they have likely already made up their mind about where they’re going to shop. From that point on, it’s just a matter of making the sales process fast and easy for them.

Establishing a high name search value means investing in your dealership’s brand. This can be done through a variety of different traditional channels such as radio, TV, and PR events. One of the biggest ways to build positive associations with your brand is music. Catchy, feel-good music is one of the most powerful tools advertisers have at their disposal.

A recent study from Nielsen looked at the effectiveness of 600-plus TV ads, more than 500 of which included music. The research indicated that commercials with some form of music performed better across four key metrics—creativity, empathy, emotive power, and information power—than those that didn’t.

This type of impact on consumers is what really helps build your brand recognition, and more importantly, gets them excited about your brand. The goal is to have them automatically think of you when they’re shopping for their next car.

Having a strong name search value has other added benefits in addition to the drastically higher conversion rate for online search. NSV also helps maintain a well-synchronized marketing campaign by building up the success of your other marketing efforts. For example, high NSV leads to a higher Google Quality Score for your keywords, resulting in a lower cost per click. This helps you get the most for your money.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of synchronized marketing—which takes all of your marketing platforms and makes them work together simultaneously, with the customer in mind—check out DeSantis Breindel’s white paper on synchronized marketing, which describes the principal succinctly:


Name search value is more than just a way to boost your SEO metrics, it’s about establishing a solid identity for your brand. A synchronized approach across all of your channels is essential to engage consumers and encourage them to reach out to you directly. Ultimately, having a strong brand will enhance the ways your other platforms are working for you.

Jake Vallante is a marketing manager at Media Results, a full-service digital and traditional advertising agency and production house. Media Results got its start in advertising by writing brand music for companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, Goodyear, Subaru, Gulf Gasoline, Honda, and Toyota.

Jake Vallante


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