How Well Do You Really Communicate?

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With the burgeoning number of auto dealerships, franchised and independent service centers, and auto parts stores competing in today’s market, the consumer has virtually an unlimited choice of where to go to get their vehicle repaired or purchase needed parts and desired accessories. As the potential for profit is high (with overall sales in the billions of dollars), competition between auto dealerships, repair garages and auto parts stores is fierce. To maintain and grow market share in this environment, auto dealers must take a proactive, intelligent, and aggressive approach towards their marketing for these customers.

Though price is always a significant issue for consumers, there are other important factors that will influence their choice of where to spend their money. Among these are:

  • Who do consumers trust?
  • Who do consumers like?
  • Who has reached out to these consumers?
  • How often they were contacted?

Trust is a major issue when it comes to the relationship between buyers and automobile dealerships. Dealerships that go the extra mile in assuring their customers that they will make a good faith effort to get them into a quality vehicle at a good price while treating them with the utmost friendliness and respect, will attract a higher rate of repeat customers for their other sales centers. Additionally, people tend to buy from merchants who they truly like. Likeability requires a personable, genuine and professional dealership sales and service staff. The potential customer generally believes that they will get better service and a better deal from people they like, and from people who they feel like them back.

Consumers also tend to purchase from stores that communicate with them on a regular basis, by providing up-to-date information about the services and the products they sell. Contacting consumers at strategic intervals will keep your dealership in mind when the buyer is in need of a service, or ready to purchase parts or accessories.

But, how can your dealership achieve this when your sales staff simply doesn’t have the time to personally contact and nurture all of these potential customers? One cost-effective way is through an artificial intelligence (AI) messaging program. The program utilizes a systematic, professional and friendly email approach that keeps your company name in front of consumers—reminding them that you are open for business and you have the high quality automotive service, parts and accessories that they’re looking for. The AI program persistently contacts all your leads, qualifies them and, in turn, lets your dealership know who is ready to schedule a service appointment or make a parts or accessory purchase.

AVA is one of these AI systems. Acting as an automated Virtual assistant, AVA works with your service, parts and accessories sales staff to insure that potential customers are contacted and nurtured in continued pursuit of customer sales and satisfaction.

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