How’s Your Online Reputation?

Kearny Pearson Ford and Kearny Pearson Kia in San Diego, CA, have put a new spin on their online reputation management practice that is boosting staff moral, improving the customer experience and ultimately having a positive effect on sales, as much as 125 percent boost for Kia and 25 percent for Ford, by engaging sales and management staff in a little friendly competition around positive customer reviews.


In today’s digital world, online reviews found on leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as, social media platforms, like Facebook and twitter, are fast becoming reliable go-to resources for the majority of consumers. Customer reviews are significantly more trusted, as much as twelve times more than reviews and descriptions that come from manufacturers. As a result, dealers are challenged with establishing and maintaining a positive online reputation. What’s more challenging for dealers is getting satisfied customers to post positive reviews; it’s usually the dissatisfied customer who readily alerts the world he or she is not happy.


Kearny Pearson Ford and Kia fully embrace online reputation solutions by incorporating their entire staff in a review and ratings process that helps both sales and management staff connect with customers and prospects in a way the ultimately translates into paying customers day after day.


Kearny’s sales and management teams compete on a daily basis for the best customer reviews every month. Spurning a little friendly competition among colleagues and greatly enhancing the overall customer experience is proving to be extremely worthwhile.


“We’re optimizing our online reputation and creating a competitive work environment. Without a doubt we attribute these practices to the fact that we are up 125 percent in our Kia sales volume and up 25 percent in our Ford sales volume YTD,” says Doug Davis, general manager of Kearny Pearson Ford and Kia, a member of the Sunroad Automotive Group. “As a dealer it doesn’t get any better when your sales staff is totally focused on the future of your business—the customer experience,” adds Davis.


According to a June 19, 2011 release from The Yotpo Team, a real-time consumer review analytics platform, approximately 90 percent of consumers say that reviews have an impact in their decision-making process on whether to buy a product or use a service and, as much as, 60 percent say reviews are the number one factor in their decision-making process. “This is exactly why it's imperative for dealers to claim their ‘online space’ and control their online reputation," says Dan Weik, CEO of, the rating and review system Kearny Pearson Ford and Kia use for online reputation management solutions.


Kearny has captured over 1,000 positive reviews in a relatively short period of time, which takes effort and a commitment to a reputation management solution, but as Kearny Pearson Ford and Kia can attest, the overwhelming effect that a positive online reputation can have on a dealership is well worth it—and even a little fun!


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