Hustle: The Word That Transforms Your Sales Team

We’ve found that on any given day, the showroom floor at a typical dealership is riddled with excuses from the sales team about why they aren’t selling more cars.

“We’re not getting enough leads.”

“Our prices are too high.”

“Our prices are too low.”

“We don’t have enough traffic.”

Some people might argue that you could avoid these excuses, this wasted time and energy, if you hire the right salespeople. And they would have you believe that when you hire them, you will see instant results. The dream is that you’ll make a single hire who will come in and make amazing things happen. Suddenly, you’ll hit all of your goals. Your net profit on each deal will go through the roof. Heck, maybe he or she will even be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

But the truth of the matter is that this is unlikely unless you’ve established the right kind of culture, which means that soon this dream hire’s shining enthusiasm will dwindle. And even if you do find a superstar salesperson to bring into your store, if you don’t have the right environment, that person will soon deflate into a mediocre version of themselves, waiting for you to shell out a paycheck without receiving the results you’d hoped for.

The reason? Great salespeople are built by their surroundings.

What we mean by this is that a culture of procrastination, delay, and waiting for things to happen is much easier than a culture of making things happen. Given the choice, most people would probably rather sit back and do nothing than get up and do the work.

The answer? One little word: Hustle.

It seems like such a simple word, but behind it is a big idea.

Creating a culture of hustle doesn’t mean doing more with less. It’s about putting forth the effort and moving with a quickness because you’re enthusiastic about getting things done. To hustle is to move hurriedly in a specified direction. That’s right—having the destination in mind is half the battle. But it’s up to you to establish what that destination is.

You must create a culture where everyone is enthusiastic about reaching the destination you’ve established, from the folks in the service departments to your business representatives to your salespeople. By creating an inspiring common goal for your employees, you turn what other people might think of as drudgery into meaningful, worthwhile work.

Suddenly, your dealership is busy with movement and activity. Your salespeople take on an air of action and progress. And it all started with a little flex of the hustle muscle. That’s because when you live in a culture of hustle, there’s no time for excuses.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller are the founders of Rich Dealers®, the nation’s leading experts on attracting customers, and the authors of Gravitational Marketing. Visit to request a complimentary Traffic Scale Report, which compares the quality of your traffic to other dealerships in your area and helps determine whether or not there’s potential business you’re missing out on. Use coupon code DMM1508.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller


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