Improving the On-Site Car Shopping Experience of Your PPC Prospects

When it comes to optimizing a PPC campaign, generating clicks is only half the job. Once you’ve successfully been able to attract a consumer to your site, you now need them to convert into a lead by either requesting information about a vehicle, asking for an internet quote or contacting the dealership in some way.

Here are some tips to optimizing the consumer’s landing page experience to drive them to spend more time on your site searching your inventory and encourage them to submit their information or make a call.

1. An important factor in optimizing their experience is ensuring that the landing page of a PPC ad is extremely relevant to what was searched. If a user is searching for “2015 KIA optima” and they land on a page which shows all 2013 Sorentos, chances are they will not be spending too much time on your site, and you will have missed out on a potential lead. Bring the customer directly to what they are looking for.

2. The next step is getting prospects to stay on your site. Include attractive photos of the specific vehicle or your dealership. Including images adds credibility to the information you provide and allows the searcher to engage with your site in a way that text does not. Click here to get even more tips on how to increase your visitors’ time on site.

3. The information you provide should be quickly and easily consumed. Something easy to overlook is readability. Tiny print or distracting colors that make it hard to read, like yellow text on a white background, can deter the user from staying any longer than they have to on the page. Prominently display important information like vehicle features and amenities, special pricing or limited time manufacturer or dealer offers.

4. Lastly, highlight the main conversion point and include supporting points of conversion. If your PPC ad says “See Special Savings!” but the user has to click through too many pages before they reach the Specials page, you run the risk of losing them before they take an action. Ensure that the main conversion point is readily accessible to a searcher.

Include some secondary conversion points to improve your chances of generating a lead. For example, you might really want the searcher to schedule a test drive for the vehicle they’ve landed on but if it is their first time visiting your site, they may not be willing to submit that information just yet. To prevent from losing the customer altogether, include soft conversion points like “Price Drop Alerts” or “Request Information”.

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Christina Colón

Christina is a Paid Search Specialist at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.

Christina Colón


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