Internet Leads—How to Beat the Other Guy

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your dealership gets leads via the internet from a number of sources, right? In many cases, that same lead, that same potential customer, is also shared with a number of other dealerships—your competitors. If you are like most of the dealers in the nation, your reply to the lead comes in the form of an email with a quote. Of course so does the reply from your competitors. So it really comes down to which email they like better (or which price).
If you don’t get a reply to your email, then you wonder if they bought from someone else, so you just keep emailing them, over and over, right? Perhaps you have a salesperson call, which the customer doesn’t want, but you do it anyway. Sometimes you have the best price and you get a call, sometimes you don’t. Wouldn’t it be great if your email reply stood out from the pack?
The problem is, how do you make an email more creative? Shakespeare himself could write your emails and they would still be pretty similar to the other guys. There is just no way around it, with traditional email, it will probably still come down to the price, but I think I have discovered the way to differentiate your dealership from the other guy’s reply emails: video.
Yeah, I know, too much of a pain; no one on your staff knows how to make the videos—it’s just too technical. What do you put on the video? Why would it work any better? I thought the same thing until I saw what a company called is doing for dealers. They have perfected a system that sends a personal video, from the salesperson, to the customer, showing the car, and it’s so simple, if your salespeople can send email they can use With their new system, they have created a way to shoot the video and get it going without having to download it to your computer. No hookups, no wires—all WiFi.
This video will get the customer emotionally involved with the car. It is not supposed to look perfect, it is supposed to look like your salesperson took the time to shoot a video giving them a quick look at the vehicle. He didn’t send them a template email that looks like every other email they will see from every other dealer. The customer gets to meet their salesperson, via the video, and feels they know that salesperson. Think of how a customer feels when they walk on your lot not knowing what their salesperson looks like. Is he/she friendly? Will the salesperson be too pushy? With the video, they feel they already know the salesperson. They have seen the salesperson is courteous, friendly, and enthusiastic about the car. Enthusiasm sells cars. Walk arounds sell cars. Salespeople that go out of their way to communicate with the customer sells cars.
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