Attention Car Dealers...How Is Your Internal Online Reputation?

Written by Stan Sher. Posted in Social Media

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It has been about seven years since the importance of dealer online reputation has become a serious concern in the industry. A number of businesses in general have taken a proactive approach to manage their online reputation. In fact, there is always a new small business popping up offering SEO, social media, and reputation management services Add a comment

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Online Marketing to Reach Today's Consumers

Written by Michael Bowen. Posted in Online Marketing

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The debate is over—online marketing is essential to the success of a modern car dealership. Actually the debate ended a few years ago, but that doesn't mean that sorting through all the different methods and channels for marketing online has become any easier. In fact, online marketing has only become more complicated as it has become more important Add a comment

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How Dealerships Can Use PPC To Build Brand Awareness And Exposure

Written by Andrew Cabrelli. Posted in Online Marketing

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These days, more and more car buyers are heading online before making up their mind on where to buy their next car. As a dealership, building your brand and associating it with positive traits is key to both gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. No matter what advantages your dealership offers, if you can’t break out of the wallflower category, no one is going to know about how great you are Add a comment

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Four Steps to Optimizing Videos for Search

Written by AJ LeBlanc. Posted in Search

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The first step to a successful video marketing campaign is to make your videos for consumers…not Google. Google (and the other search engines) create algorithms to place the results users want to see at the top of the search page and they've gotten pretty good at it Add a comment

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