Introducing iControl by autobytel(sm)

According to a recent survey by Autobytel, dealers report that third party leads continue to be a critical component of their marketing mix. They identified key improvements that would offer them more control over leads.

The dealers have spoken, and Autobytel has answered with iControl by autobytelsm, a system that represents a new standard for lead delivery. This new product provides dealers with unprecedented control over their online consumer leads. iControl by autobytelsm allows dealers to configure leads to the real market conditions they face in their dealership. They are not paying for leads they don’t want, cannot close, or do not need.

iControl by autobytelsm is a web-based, easy-to-use console that can be controlled at the dealership, or at the dealer group level. It can be used in tandem with any dealership CRM/lead management tool, and can be implemented on a stand-alone basis with Autobytel leads. Additionally, it can be integrated with the dealership’s full mix of leads including OEM, the dealer’s website, and other third party leads. iControl by autobytelsm gives dealers the control to select leads and configure multiple territories by lead source group, model or a combination of both.

Control by lead source

With iControl by autobytelsm, dealers select leads from five basic website categories that match their particular needs: “research” sites which are 100% automotive, “quote” sites, which connect consumers to dealers via quote form, “buying” sites which focus on shopping/buying tips, “enthusiast” sites which cater to “gear heads” and provide in-depth vehicle information and research tools, and “portal” sites which offer general information with an automotive section. Selecting leads by lead source enables dealers to configure their lead mix according to the dealership’s resources and goals.

Control by zip code

iControl by autobytelsm lets dealers make territory changes dynamically, while adjusting for ROI based on market analysis. For example, a dealership may choose to increase the territory range for sources with higher closing ratios and have a smaller territory for sources that close at a lower rate.

Control by make and model

Controlling leads by make and model helps dealers spend their budget where it counts most by allowing them to select the models they want for each source group and territory. Dealers can push the vehicles they need to sell, due to high inventory, days on the lot, or other factors, while reducing or eliminating leads for those hot models that are already in high demand.





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