Is Search Engine Marketing a One Man Job?

So you just hired a kid to be your dealership’s new whiz-bang internet marketing wonder boy. This guy has promised to redesign your website, have your site come up first in the organic search engine results, dominate the paid search results, and expand your company’s social media presence. Is your new hire blowing smoke, or can all this be done by one person? Here are a few ways to find out.


If your guy promises instant change and success for any or all of the internet marketing strategies in the works, that might be the first sign he is overstating his abilities. Any internet marketer worth their salt will know that a few days is not enough time to transform your lackluster website into a shiny new beacon of sales. There is a fine line between doing things that fast way and doing things the right way. Optimizing your website for search engines and researching paid search keywords takes some time, and if your guy is rushing things just to appease an unrealistic deadline, then your site will be no better than it was before.


Be sure to keep your eye on the progress of all aspects of your internet marketing. Most internet marketing guys are really good at one branch of SEM, and are just okay at the others. You need someone who has a proven track record at each job to handle your account. If your guy is amazing at search engine optimization (SEO) but hasn’t really done any pay-per-click advertising (PPC) he might do more harm than good juggling both at the same time. Find out where your internet marketing guy’s strengths lie, and be sure not to tack on too much beyond that knowledge.


Not everyone can be a social media expert these days. Just because you know what Facebook and Twitter are, doesn’t mean you know how to properly handle a car dealer’s social media marketing. Having a legitimate personal communication with your customers through social media is one of the most difficult things an auto dealer can do these days. If your web guy does social media without a well thought out plan, then it might be worse than not having any social media at all. Find out how far your web expert plans on taking social media outside of creating Facebook and Twitter accounts.


I’m not saying there aren’t people out there who know how to do all of these things. I am trying to set realistic expectations for both the employee and employer. Auto dealers should not expect their web marketer to snap their fingers and fix everything overnight. Internet marketers should not tout their expertise in all things online, but focus on what they are really good at. Having one branch of your online marketing at 100 percent is better than having four channels at 25 percent. Find people that will get the job done right, and you will have an online marketing plan that will succeed indefinitely.


Tom Knoop is director of search engine marketing for Stevenson Advertising. If you need help starting your own pay-per-click campaigns, feel free to contact him at 800-643-8584 or email





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