Is Social Media Optimization the Future of Search?

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Search engines are now synonymous with online marketing. Everything that is to do with online begins and ends with the search engine, and thus the job of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exists. However, things have changed for quite some while, and Social Media Optimization (SMO) has entered in the scene. It has been around for a long time, but its significance has started leaving its mark; businesses are trying to get customers from the social media. This trend can explain the claims about SEO being replaced by SMO.

Could it really be?

Nothing could be said absolutely, either about SEO or SMO, except that that the evolution is what rules the online world. This evolution certainly involve users who are making queries in search engine, and the same people are ready to give their opinion on just about any issue under the sun on the social platforms they are active.

One might wonder as to how the above two things are related: first, search engine is picking up the cues from these social media platforms as to how things work for the people; second, businesses are taking keen interest as to what their present and potential customers and clients have to say about the kind of products and services they sell, which is why they are having business pages in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many other such networks; and this interest search engine. So, it is not just about typing a search query in Google search box and getting a better ranking on the page, but also about knowing the general/popular sentiments.

The way out

Here, a lot of hard work from the experts of SEO and SMO is expected, because the virtual world is ever so changing. The two, i.e. SEO and SMO, along with content marketing, are not going to remain isolated at all; they are overlapping, and this is going to work for everyone, be it users; small and big businesses; social media platforms; or the search engines.

To do effective SEO, experts need to take care of:

  • Appropriate keywords
  • Content that a prospect is looking for
  • Back links from reputed sites
  • Minimalist website, if possible (reducing loading time)
  • Meaningful illustration and images

SMO experts have to dig a little deeper, like:

  • Merge content marketing (via blog posts, presentations, white papers, e-books, research and surveys) and SEO
  • Engage user that are the potential buyer into the promotional activities
  • Get genuine response of the target audience
  • Show that you are accessible to listen to them, even if it is a complaint they are coming with
  • Share interesting content that touches the right audience so that they feel like sharing it

There could be many more things that could be added to the above lists; but they would only seem emphatic at best or repetitive at worst. Doing the above have far better chances leading to the growth of audience, which eventually may translate into sales; isn’t it what a business looks for?

Trends—Evolving for better!

Google is working hand in hand with Google+ taking cues from the people in the circles, as well as those who are on YouTube; Bing is seen to be doing the same thing with Facebook; and the trend would not die; it will continue until best of every aspect benefits every stakeholder in the virtual world!

Udit Khanna is a professional author and a blogger. He is a native Indian and enjoys his time in writing quality blogs. He’s been writing terrific articles on Professional and Advance SEO Training in Delhi, Expert Internet Marketing Training lately. For more background information on him, please view his profile on Google+ over here.

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