It’s Time to Have Hero Week at Your Dealership

firman, policeman, and soldier

If you’ve been in the car business for a while, you’ve probably seen or heard of hundreds of sale themes. Either you did them, or you saw them done, or you’ve just heard about them. Buy a car and get a trip, look for the red tag, spin the wheel, blah, blah, blah. There have even been some sales that help community organizations or benefit a worthy cause.

But this latest sale is one that I think an all-around winner. In a nutshell, a company called puts on an event at your dealership and gives away $50 “Thanks-A-Bunch” gift cards to “Heroes” good for dinner at thousands of restaurants all across the county. Heroes are defined as military, or first responders (policemen, firemen, etc.). The gift cards have no strings attached and they are just to thank these heroes for their service to our country and our community. In addition to excellent image PR for the dealership, the event also brings in potential buyers of vehicles. Members of the community participate to take part in the thank you, and some end up buying vehicles. Probably the best result is that some very deserving heroes get a free dinner.

So far the event has gotten very positive reviews from the heroes, the military bases, and police and fire departments across the country. If you want to hear more about doing a Hero Week at your dealership, visit and watch the video. Or you can call at 866-496-8990 or email

NADA Convention is Coming!

If you haven’t signed up yet, the annual NADA Convention is in New Orleans this year; it’s January 24-27, 2014. You can get more details by visiting

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