It’s An Automotive Social Gabfest!

There seems to be a lot to talk in the auto world. If the social networks for dealers are any indication, dealers really like to talk online. We recently formed a partnership with the industry’s largest social network, Automotive Digital Marketing—ADM

( to share content from our magazine and website and from the ADM site.

The automotive social networks are a great place for all members of a dealership to find like-minded people who hold the same jobs at other dealerships. F&I employees are talking to each other, service technicians are talking to each other, and salespeople are discussing their challenges. Dealer principals can discuss issues they face, and vendors can offer education on products and services they offer.

In addition, social networks are offering education on Best Practices, news about the industry and concerns they have. You can read the blogs of some of the top experts in our industry, and find out about upcoming marketing and other events. These social networks are also the best place to participate in discussions about controversial issues that affect the auto industry. When something explosive happens you will see the traffic boost on the sites as dealers throughout the country weigh in on the subject or visit to read about how other dealers are reacting.

The primary social networks for auto dealers and related industry are listed below. ADM, run by Ralph Paglia, is the largest auto social network and offers the most traffic.

Auto Dealer Social Networks and their rank in the US (smaller numbers are better)
Website Site Rank in the U.S:
  • Google (for comparison) #1
  • AutomotiveDigitalMarketing # 13,095
  • DrivingSales # 32,324
  • DealerElite # 44,419
  • DealerRefresh # 49,825
  • KainAutomotiveIdeaExchange #158,442
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