J.D. Byrider Chooses KPA as Preferred Vendor for Environmental and Safety

With a renewed focus on employee safety, J.D. Byrider names KPA, the nation’s compliance expert, as a preferred vendor for facility safety inspections and environmental compliance services.

Lafayette, CO (KPA, March 24, 2011)– J.D. Byrider chooses KPA's Multi-Facility Compliance Management Software and Servicesto offer programs for 120 facility locations. “We have implemented the KPA system at several facilities and the results are remarkable.” Explains J.D. Byrider Franchisee Mark Morris, “That is why we recommend the company as a preferred vendor.”


KPA’s compliance management software guides companies in the automotive industry through compliance with state and federal laws. It is different from standard compliance solutions because it is custom designed for the auto and equipment retail industry to track chemical, physical, and environmental hazards. “It is a Goldilocks approach to compliance services. We take a full assessment of the company’s needs at the start of a project and design a process that fits around them. For J.D. Byrider, that means making it so the corporation can monitor and reward individual facilities appropriately, without taking on the liability of too much information,” says Eric Schmitz, Vice President of Product and Business Development at KPA.


The Multi-Facility Compliance Management Software engages large companies with location-based monitoring and tracking to detect root causes of unsafe working conditions, making it easier to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and all environmental health and safety (EHS) laws. Highlights of Multi-Facility Compliance Management services include:


·         KPA engineers providing resources and support for location managers to make sure transitions are smooth and on schedule.


·         Certification programs for individual employees and locations.


·         Standardization in compliance reporting across all 120 locations.


·         Privacy safeguards to protect sensitive information.


·         Injury illness and prevention program (I2P2)and CA IIPP compliance tools.


·         Consulting for Safety Programs, Hazardous Communications, Emergency Response, and Loss Control.


·         Emergency on-call support.


·         Online Compliance Software: myKPAonline – internet-based safety and compliance tracking, measurement software, and on-demand access to company EHS information.


·         Electronic MSDS Databases.


·         Online Training(including custom and Spanish courses).


About KPA


KPA helps businesses reduce losses and attain compliance with state and federal law; reduce the risk of accidents, fines, civil actions, and litigations while saving costs. Over 3,000 clients trust KPA to provide the right combination of training, software, and expert advice. Endorsed by 24 national and state trade associations, KPA is the only provider of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Human Resource (HR) services and software designed for the specific requirements of dealerships, manufacturers, and automotive services companies.


For more information, visit www.kpaonline.com





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