Kids Say the Darndest Things…

kids talking on cans with string

If you have children you’ll surely agree, kids say the darndest things! They can make you laugh, and sometimes they can make you so sentimental and nostalgic, you have to reach for a tissue. Generally, whatever comes out of their mouths is filled with onviction; they believe it 100 percent.

When you listen to a little one describe their position on the whole “Santa Claus” issue, you’ll find yourself smiling, rooting for them, supporting their arguments, and finally, end up believing it yourself. You can’t help it. Their resolute delivery, commitment to subject, and absolute innocence have convinced you. Sure, you can try to justify it as the spirit of Christmas kicking in, but the kid is so convincing you may find yourself running right out to a store to buy something from the Jolly Old Elf to help solidify the kid’s story. You’ll wrap it yourself, but when that kid opens your gift, the tag will read “from Santa”…You, my friend, have completely bought in. Yep, a kid sold you into action.

Don’t feel bad, it’s human nature…

We want to believe children; we remember our childhood and the magic of being a kid and some part of us identifies with them. We’ve all gone through the same experiences, have the same memories, wanted the same things. It’s almost as if we can hear ourselves, all those years ago, saying the very same words.

Children as spokespersons…the downs, the ups, and the payoff

You can always find a really cute kid; that’s the easy part. But, can they speak? Can we undertand them? Are they patient? Will they be willing to speak the same line over and over again until they get it just right? Do they believe what they’re saying? What the heck do they even know about car sales? These are a few of the challenges that may break the magic you’re hoping to create. Magic that will jump off the screen and persuade viewers that your dealership is the only one they should visit…and visit today. It’s a puzzle that can totally fall to pieces if you don’t have it all just right.

But…when it all does come together, you can’t help but hit one out of the park!

The science behind why it works…

Everyone knows the terms “conscious” and “subconscious”. What those words mean and how they function in layman’s terms are best illustrated by imagining a guard (conscious mind) in front of a locked room (subconscious mind). Nothing gets into the locked room without first getting past the guard, who carefully filters through all of the messages (information, people, data, and marketing) that the locked room is inundated with every single day. The guard routinely disregards the majority of it with statements like, “that’s trash” and “I don’t believe that.But, almost always, when approached by an innocent child who delivers a message with utter conviction…, that guard not only steps aside, but opens the locked door and introduces the little one as a trusted friend. Ahhh…out of the mouths of babes.

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