Knowing Your True Return on Investment

VinLens by VinSolutions offers many new features, some that affect your daily business and that affect you down the road. The immediate impact is that it tells when you have a customer already in your database back on your website. The real value in this is when we, as a dealer, fail to follow through with a customer and they drop through the cracks. We are now able to see the customer set foot back into our virtual showroom. Without VinLens, you would never have the opportunity to see if your efforts to reengage lost customers are functioning or not.


This applies not only in sales but also in service. For example, consider the efforts made to offer our customers scheduled maintenance; the thousands of dollars spent with various remarketing companies sending out emails and mailers. With VinLens, we can now see if our efforts are working and most of all, we can now truly calculate ROI and make marketing companies accountable. There has always been this gap between marketing agencies and dealers, because they claim thousands of dollars in monthly ROI, yet we never see a drastic jump in our bottom line. Why is this? Now we can email market to the customer and watch the actual clicks from the emails to our website live. Amazing!


Additionally, it offers a study of customer behavior that allows us to better tailor our website accordingly. It’s interesting to see how this works. We can now strategize and develop specials based on what is converting and what is not. I can’t imagine speaking to a lead now without having this information. Getting leads from third-parties now feels so difficult.


I also love the fact that lost customers who revisit our website now get reactivated through the CRM with a notification. With this process, combined with the marked lost sales and VinLens, we can market to and reactivate a whole slew of customers that we might have never attempted before with a strategy that is proven.


This kind of information doesn’t exist for dealers everywhere and when technology offers game-changers like this—grab on and reap the benefits. As a dealer, we now have a chance to do so many other things because we can now measure the return and justify the investment. The digital age is here and with VinLens we can see how our digital efforts are working. VinLens is doing for digital marketing what 800 number call tracking and recording did for phone training and traditional media advertising multiplied by 10. It’s all in how you use it, but the information you can take from this is unlimited.


The information at the tip of your fingers is amazing.


Pat Hayes is the e-commerce/BDC director for the Marc Heitz Auto Family. For more information, call 405-321-7021, email, or visit











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