KPA Announces New Product to Manage OSHA’s Hazard Communication and Safety Requirements

KPA’s new Elements service includes the essential elements of Hazard Communication and Emergency Response programs: written Hazard Communication plans, fire prevention and evacuation plans, required DOT HazMat training (49 CFR 172, Subpart H), an MSDS database and facility-specific chemical inventory, and instant access to all training records.


Lafayette, CO (KPA, November 15, 2010)– By far the most common OSHA violations by auto dealers, oil changers, and service stations are related to Hazard Communication requirements. These violations relate to deficiencies in chemical inventories, written hazard communication programs, material data safety sheets (MSDS), and employee training. Details of Hazard Communication requirements are outlined in OSHA’s Publication 3111 (


KPA announced today the availability of their new EHS Elements service which includes customized Hazard Communication and Emergency Response plans, an online Learning Management Systems (LMS) with unlimited access to Emergency Response, Hazard Communication and Hazardous Waste training courses, on-demand access to your facility’s Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and facility-specific chemical inventory, DOT shipping tools, function-specific training, and a 24-hour Hazmat hotline which is also mandatory to comply with OSHA and DOT requirements.


KPA’s Elements service is designed for the facility that wants assistance managing the essential elements of Hazard Communication and Emergency Response programs, but doesn’t need or cannot afford the personal attention from an on-site EHS Safety Professional. 


Eric Schmitz, Vice President of Product and Business Development at KPA explained, “Our EHS Professionals deliver over 10,000 environmental and safety audits every year, making us the leader for on-site EHS services in the markets we serve. We are excited to extend these hazard communication and safety services to more companies to help provide a safe work environment and reduce cost and risk associated with occupational safety and health.”


A key advantage of KPA's Elements service is the Hazard Communication program. The program provides training, tools, and software to protect your employees and reduce the risks associated with managing hazardous chemicals. Also included is an Emergency Response Plan to help you prepare for facility emergencies and natural disasters. 


Peter Zaidel, EHS Product Manager at KPA, commented: “For several years in a row, OSHA has identified Hazard Communication as the most cited violation for auto dealers, oil changers, and service stations. KPA’s Elements can help these companies to stay compliant and provide a safe working environment.”




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