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Is the economy wreaking havoc on your dealership? Your customers are changing the way they buy cars. To stay afloat in this market, you need to change with them. You can read a book or go to a conference to find out how internet marketing works, but it’s not enough. You need a service that helps you develop the strategy that is best for you.
Marketing Consulting is a pioneer in the area of Internet sales training. Our secret is in teaching how and what to do, but more importantly why you need to do it and showing you how it’s done. Eighty nine percent of a dealership’s business goes online before going to the dealership. Our training shows you how to capture it.
A well trained and developed internet department can take that traffic and turn it into the most profitable department in the store. It might even take over the store, but with Marketing Consultants on your side, you you’ll have what it takes to make it through anything! If the market moves we will show you how to find it!
Marketing Consulting helps you differentiate yourself so that you can secure your primary market area and penetrate your competition’s market, systematically converting their clients to your dealership. We realize that one solution does not fit all, so we have a range of services that are specially designed to meet your needs. Regardless of the package that you choose, you can depend on Marketing Consulting.
Always value added
We’re the best for a reason and that reason is customer service. Internet marketing doesn’t work if you don’t have the customer service to back it up. We provide you with the same value-added customer service that we teach your staff to give your customers.
There when you need us
We don’t just come in for a few months and then walk out, leaving you hanging. At Marketing Consulting, we have packages that take all of your needs into consideration—and we can provide less extensive services when you need a little reconditioning later down the line. So whether you need a full market analysis plan or a little pick-me-up secret shopping, we’re there for you now and in the future. 




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